Barnacle WiFi Tether Startup Error


I downloaded and installed Barnacle WiFi Tether. When I select the "Start" option, I get the following Message

"Barnacle requires 'su' to access the hardware. please make sure you have root access."

I then downloaded Supervisor which I believe is what Barnacle is looking for. When I start Supervisor, I get three options on the screen "Apps" which is dimmed, "Log" and "Settings". I assume I am supposed to enter the barnacle app name in the apps option, but it is dimmed and will not do anything when I press it. In the data area it states "no apps in list."

Does anybody know why this might be happening?



Android Expert
Su is referring to Superuser. You can only use it if you are rooted. And since you're receiving that msg you more than likely aren't.


Android Expert
Find the thread for whatever phone you have (im on the mobile app so i can't see your devices) and should be a guide to rooting.