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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by baronvontrap, May 1, 2012.

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    Hi there,finally jumped to smart phones a year ago,its been an epic journey,awsome things but i find em quite annoying at times,didn't fancy i phone and been tied to i tunes etc,so i chose android,got a wildfire s which i now realise isnt the best phone,will be getting rid of it soon,its been close to been smashed on various occasions,but in its defence i now realise that some of the problems ive had have been due to me not knowing what im doing,if any body has any ideas on the best handset ide appreciate it,my wife has a Galaxy S2 which is a cracking phone,i downloaded latest firmware a couple of weeks ago on the galaxy which is a painfull expereiance,but since i did that the bluetooth is switching its self on, i switch it off and next time i look its back on,
    As anybody any idea why,


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    Welcome to AF, well sorry to hear about your bad experience, I would definitely post in the Samsung area and you will get the most of your required response there. You may have downloaded an app that could also be causing your issue.

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