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Support Basic Android logic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 16670, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. 16670

    16670 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 4, 2009
    I recently posted this question on phandroid, but i also wanted to get some feedback here. I asked:

    So, I am fairly new to the Android world and longing to replace my iPhone with a well made Android device. This may sound like a noob thing to ask, but is it possible given the


  2. Vap1d-

    Vap1d- Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2009
    Any unlocked GSM android device would work on AT&T's network, however, there are only two devices in the wild that you would get AT&T 3G with. They are both from the Canadian carrier Rodgers. The devices are the HTC Dream and HTC Magic and would be Rodgers branded. You might be able to find something on ebay just make sure to look for the Rodgers versions. If you do not buy one unlocked, you will have to have it unlocked for it to work on AT&T.
  3. 16670

    16670 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 4, 2009
    Thank you for the response, I am pretty much holding out on the Xperia X3 Android device. If indeed it will be supprted on the GSM network

    Sony Ericsson “Rachael” to launch as Xperia X3; specs revealed : Boy Genius Report

    • Display:
      • 4-inches, 800 x 400 pixels
      • Touch Sensitive
    • Network:
      • 2G 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band)
      • 3G: 900/2100 (Dual-Band)
      • HSDPA (10Mbps)
      • HSUPA (2Mbps)
    • Camera:
      • 8.1 megapixels (auto-focus)
      • 8 x Digital Zoom
      • LED Flash
      • Image Stabilization
      • Smile Shutter
      • Face Detection
    • Video:
      • VGA Video Recording
    • Music:
      • Supported formats: MP3, AAC, eAAC+
    • Ringtones:
      • Monophonic
      • Polyphonic (64)
      • MP3
      • AAC
    • Messaging:
      • SMS
      • MMS (with video)
      • E-mail (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, MS Exchange)
    • Memory:
      • Phone Book
      • Dialled Calls
      • Missed Calls
      • Received Calls
      • microSDHC (external)
    • Call Features:
      • Hands Free
      • Caller ID
      • Voice Dialing
    • Connectivity:
      • miniUSB
      • 3.5mm AV connector
      • Bluetooth (2.1)
      • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g)
    • Navigation:
      • AGPS
  4. I maintain a rather extensive list of PDA phones, and while searching for an Android device that would work on AT&T's 3G frequency, I found on eBay some versions of the HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy that did list 1900MHz among the 3G frequencies. While these phones do officially exist (HTC Hero 130 and Samsung Galaxy I7500L), make sure to double check with the seller.

    By the way, the Sony Rachael/Xperia X3 does not appear to support UMTS 1900.

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