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Root Basic questions about rooting (and I've looked!)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Roymus, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Roymus

    Roymus Well-Known Member
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    Jul 18, 2010
    I've got some simple questions regarding rooting the EVO that I've been unable to find definitive answers to (and I've looked...a lot). Hopefully posting a new thread, even with basic questions, will help other noobs like myself. Thanks for all the help...this forum is awesome! (BTW, I'm typing this at work while watching a baseball game on my EVO via SlingPlayer...the kickstand makes it extra convenient. This phone absolutely rocks!)

    1. Like many other new users, I'm really only interested in rooting for free wifi and (perhaps) cpu overclocking/battery save. I know you can get this and other features via "root only" apps from AppBrain. My question: is "simple rooting" (i.e., Unrevoked 3 and/or SimpleRoot) sufficient for this?

    2. If the answer to #1 is "Yes", what is the best way to accomplish simple rooting? Most threads seem to advocate Unrevoked 3, but I've seen many references to SimpleRoot...and from the screen shot it does look pretty simple, just 4 steps with nice buttons.

    3. If the answer to #2 is Unrevoked 3, where exactly are you supposed to get this? I went to www.unrevoked.com, but this site appears to be broken...if you click the picture of the Evo (or any of the other phones) you just get a page error. I also found a link on Android Central (HTC EVO 4G Unrevoked 3 Rooting Instructions - Android Central Forums), but I'd feel better knowing which one was considered "gold".

    4. Most of the rooting tutorials recommend backing up your phone beforehand...sounds good. I downloaded the most recommended backup app (Titanium Backup) but it says it requires root access to use...a nice Catch-22! Also, the rooting tutorials require HTC Sync, which is supposed to be on the device already...but I don't see it in my apps folder. Where do I get this? And will backup via Titanium or whatever preserve my customized scenes, background, etc.? Like most of you, I've put some time into this getting it just right...I would hate to lose it but will suck it up if I have to.

    5. Once you accomplish rooting, which is considered to be the best wifi tethering program? I don't mind paying/donating to get a superior root wifi app, especially if I'm saving $30/month. Also, will root wifi allow connecting multiple devices like the Sprint Hotspot (that supports 8)? If root wifi will only support one device, I may just go ahead and stick with Sprint Hotspot...there are many occasions when multi-device hot spot capability comes in handy (during a blackout for example).

    6. Finally, it appears that rooting isn't "sticky"...if another OTA Android update is pushed out, do I need to go through the rooting procedure again? Or is refusing the update the right thing, and if so how do I keep up to date?

    I know these questions are answered in various places, but I've looked and I just can't get 100% clarity on them. Thanks again!


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  2. PSULightingGuy

    PSULightingGuy Active Member

    Ok, I'm a little new to Rooting as well, but I can answer a few questions.

    1) Rooting will allow you to install apps like WiFi Tether, yes, but the real power of rooting is to install custom ROMs and most of those come with WiFi Tether built in. Overclocking and Underclocking requires a custom kernel in addition to an app like SetCPU, again, a lot of custom ROMs come with Custom Kernels, but here, do your research.

    2) I used SimpleRoot for Windows (even though I'm on a Mac) and it worked beautifully. Took a little experimenting and effort, but I was also on an older version compared to now.

    3) I believe what you need to do is go to unrevoked FROM YOUR EVO, but I could be wrong as I never used that method... If you do, you probably need to have 3rd Party Apps enabled, go to Settings > Applications and check the box there.

    4)Titanium Backup does back up EVERYTHING about your phone, I've had very good results with it so far. I personally reset all my settings after the first root and actually a few times since, but I've heard stories about being able to start the Rooting process with Unrevoked and then install Titanium Backup before the Wipe part. Otherwise, there are other options like MyBackup (Pro) that backup apps and some settings, but not as much... Or you can just go through the trouble of redoing all your settings once, but never again once Titanium Backup is installed.

    5) WiFi Tether (for Root) seems to work fine. I use the version that comes with ROMs and haven't had any trouble. Haven't checked multiple devices as I'm still nervous about using it for large amounts of data, but I'd expect it can do that.

    6) Don't accept OTA updates from Sprint if rooted, just wait till the Devs incorporate the update into their ROMs, then flash the new ROM and you'll be good to go (may need Titanium Backup if there's a wipe involved, but that's easy).

    Hope that all helps! Again, I'm almost as new as you, but I've done a lot of reading.
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