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Basic rooting help from a nube....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by coleon103, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. coleon103

    coleon103 Lurker
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    First, thanks to everyone who helped rooting zte max..... Especially @Masterchief87 for his work and @bfldworker for the easy instructional video I used......
    But now I don't know what to do!!!! I'm new to everything.... Rooting, Roms, and phone perfectly rooted the way @bfldworker displayed..... Once I rebooted, I left it like that!!!! nervous i'll do something wrong...... Can anyone guide me to the next step..... Thanks!!!

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  2. Nicoya61

    Nicoya61 Lurker

    I am also a newbie, and after several months of reading on how to Root my ZTE Zmax, I found myself learning a whole new system and its terminology. After several failed attempts, weeks in between them with more researching, I decided to give my laptop the opportunity to save the day. It worked!

    So, now I have a rooted device, with little/or no knowledge on what to do next. Allow me to go back a bit...initial reason for rooting my device was to be able to write/save data, pics, videos to my External SD Card, which it seems I need to do more leg work.

    Do I need to partition my SD Card? What OS would you advice to upgrade to? I'm sure coleon103 may have the same specific questions. I don't expect to be customizing yet, but a simple guide on daily common use of the rooted device, i.e. Do I flash every new app, and then back it up?

    I also have "SuperSU", "ZTE ZMAX TWRP", "Titanium Backup Pro", "ROM Toolbox Lite", I can't wait to start using them, and get rid of the ones I don't need.

    Thank you coleon103, @Masterchief87 for your patience, and all, and for the rest of you Geniuses for sharing your time and knowledge.
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