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batch backup in Titanium causing reboot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lock-N-Load, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    for some reason, using the batch backup (apps + data) in Titanium is causing a reboot every time. Under the "problems?" tab it talks about Busy Box being an issue and so I installed a know good Busy Box.. which got me farther along than the first 2 attempts, but still.. it rebooted again.


  2. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    okay.. MyBackup Pro just did it also.. could this be a SetCPU or heat thing?

    I also now notice that my Sunday night auto backup schedule in MBP ran for data, but not apps.

    something is causing the apps to not backup, but data did/does.
  3. glitch32

    glitch32 Well-Known Member

    I don't know the answer, but I'm curious... Is this for the full system apps / data backup or just user apps and data?
  4. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    for MBP, I am doing only apps + app data and it fails every time - stand alone data was fine. I just got through 100% and in the final zip phase it failed.

    this time I started MBP and then switched to SetCPU and watched the temp, sure enough, it got to about 120.2 degrees and rebooted.. which is odd as I have a setting that says if it gets to 120, roll back CPU to 900 mhz to chill out the temp.

    I wonder if (1) that is why it is crashing and (2) if I need to set a lower profile for 120 degrees..
  5. Papadroid

    Papadroid Android Expert

    When restoring your data and apps do setcpu separately with no data.
  6. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I am not restoring, trying to back up.

    but I am not sure I follow what you mean?

    I have now tried about 10 times, reboots every time.

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