Help Battery 0%


this problem came about a week ago...when i use the battery till it turns off itself after draining, and after the phone turned off when i plug the wall charger it shows me that its charging. after about 10 mins of charging i removed the charger and turned on the phone.. and after it turned on i plugged the charger again. .the battery showed 1% of charge.. but after about a minute it begins to show 0% of charge and it lasted about 20 minutes... so i removed the charger from the socket.. the phone also turned off.. i tried it 2 3 times.. nothing changed.. but when i removed the battery and put it again and tried again problems solved..

but this whole problem happens to me again and again when i use the battery until it;s last drop...but when i charge it before it turn off, no problem happens..

everytime when this problem happens the thing that i do is remove the battery and reinsert it and then the problem is ok ..