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Battery and usage statistics

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by daman7676, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. daman7676

    daman7676 Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been searching all over this forum as well as the internet on how people are using their HERO and the battery performance they're getting out of it. I've seen answers from 9 hrs with heavy usage to 36 hours with minimual usage. That's about all the detail I've been able to find. (Maybe I'm just not good at searching?)

    With that, I decided to do a little tracking of my own. I logged my usage and battery performance over a 27 hour period and thought I'd share it with the community. Not sure if this is even helpful but maybe it'll provide some sort of baseline for others to compare against.

    I recorded the battery level in % based on the stock battery meter, the time I recorded the battery level and any activity that occured between the current time and the previous time recording. For example, between 7:00AM and 10:19AM the battery dropped by 10% and I had received 2 emails, 2 calendar reminders went off and I had surfed the web for about 10 minutes.

    **** Periodic Breakdown ****

    Day 1
    100% 7:00AM Unplugged from wall charger
    90% 10:19AM 2 emails, 2 calendar reminders, 10 mins surfing
    70% 1:21PM 30 min call, 8 emails, VM, 5 txt msgs
    60% 3:06PM 3 emails, 2 txt msgs
    60% 4:04PM 4 emails
    50% 5:01PM 3 emails
    50% 6:35PM 5 emails, 15 mins surfing, Used Google maps to check traffic
    50% 8:10PM
    50% 9:43PM
    40% 10:35PM 2 emails

    Day 2
    30% 7:00AM 5 emails
    30% 8:29AM 15 mins music player
    30% 10:15AM Used Clock Timer - 21 mins, 5 mins, 2 emails, 2 calendar reminders
    30% 10:16AM Plugged into USB port to recharge

    **** General Usage During that period ****
    Gmail Push Sync ON - 24 emails (NOT syncing Calendar or Contacts)
    Hotmail Poll 4 hr interval - 8 emails
    Other Email Poll 4 hr interval - 1 email
    Yahoo Poll once a day - 1 email

    Bluetooth ON - only connected for 30-40 mins total while driving
    WiFi OFF
    Built in People app has Facebook updates set to NEVER
    Android Facebook app updates set to NEVER - not using widget either
    Analog clock used on homescreen
    No weather widgets on any homescreen

    Total run time on full charge: 27 hrs, 15 mins with 30% left.

    88 hrs uptime
    12 hrs awake (13.6%) at time of plugging back in to charge (USB)

    The other reason I decided to do this was to test just how much battery power Gmail with PUSH ON was taking up. Based on my findings, I seem to be getting decent battery life with what I would call 'normal' usage. I realize it's not a great deal of email being pushed in one day but I think it's probably what the average user may get.

    Based on this, I'll probably migrate all my mail accounts over to Gmail so I can have the Push feature and not worry about having to Poll multiple mailboxes.

    Hope this is helpful to some of you out there.


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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Thanks for the detailed info!
  3. daman7676

    daman7676 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Kelmar!
  4. droidx

    droidx Member

    htc eris just updated a few days ago, im trying to get a moto droid, hopefully saturday or sunday

    as of right now:

    uptime - 132:18:45

    awake time = 118:13:55

    i dont understand why but the battery isnt that bad, i runs slow at times, i close all apps that are not being used, other than that i dont know what to say. sometimes i push the end button to wake it, and the screen is frozen, and i cant unlock it, doenst come in handy when trying to send a quick text or make an important call, let me know what you think.

    i have my stats from batterygraph in a ooo format, if anyone is using that program i can send it to you, i dont know how to transfer the file to .xml format or i would

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