Root Battery Calibration Question


Hello Guys,

I am confused about this subject, I've been reading over the forums and found two deferent ways for calibration, which one should I follow?!

On this forum i found this:


Check six!
I've tried both procedures and found no difference between them. :)

I use the second method myself as it's more convenient when testing ROMs. I wipe the stats then power down and give it an overnight charge. I'll then use the handset until it's unable to power-on (as described) and then fully charge again overnight.


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Slug, Thank you for your reply.

I used the first method, I will see how it goes, if it didn't work i'll try the second method.

BUT ... haha there's always "but"s :p:p

The second method says:
Switch on, flash ROM. Allow first boot to complete.
Does that mean that I have to re-flash the ROM again, or it is not necessary?!


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Usually the reason people calibrate is because they are switching ROMs. You should be fine just wiping the battery stats if you're not switching ROMs.


is it normal that its taking forever to charge? i did the first method about 2am last night and now its almost 12pm and its only at 36%.....