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battery charge time

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nismospec, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. nismospec

    nismospec Member
    Thread Starter

    I know there are several posts about battery life....this technically isn't one.

    I'm just curious how long a full battery charge takes?
    My phone is currently "off" and plugged in. if i click the end button the little battery chart shows that it is charging because the meters are still climbing up. does it ever tell you that your battery is full?

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  2. yfan

    yfan Well-Known Member

    Yes, it does. The battery charges faster with the phone off, and slower with the phone on, since the power source also has to supply power for whatever it is the phone is doing. However, the battery meter seems to get a better reading if charged with the phone on. When you turn the phone off and charge it, and then turn it on after it has been charged all the way, it will still often show you a only 90% charge.
  3. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    I have not timed how long it takes to charge, however I have seen the battery status screen, when the hang-up (red) button is pressed, does show full-charge. I also noticed that Moment wakes up to the unlock screen when battery is fully charged. If you are timing the battery charge time from discharged state, please post results.
  4. nismospec

    nismospec Member
    Thread Starter

    wish i would've been timing...but that's just it. it's been around 2 hrs (i think) and i haven't turned on the phone, but the meter still shows movement....?

    and just to be sure we're on the same page, the phone is "off" and i'm talking about the battery meter with the blue charge, not the small green one that you have when the phone is on.

    i wouldn't think the phone would take that long for a full charge, but i'm a noob to the smart phone world, and maybe that's why my battery performance is weak.

    typically i thought a full charge could be achieved in say....an hour?
  5. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    Yes, I am talking about the screen where an upright battery shows 4-5 blue charging status levels. It will eventually show full charge. If Moment is being charged in an Off state, the Unlock screen will not appear. It appears only when it is charged in a sleep state (the screen turned-off by a short press of hang-up or red button).
  6. nismospec

    nismospec Member
    Thread Starter

    well the charge continues....
  7. njbianco

    njbianco Android Enthusiast

    mine takes about a hour to charge full
  8. nismospec

    nismospec Member
    Thread Starter

    finally! got the sucker fully charged. had to have taken about 2 1/2 hours....
  9. 9Nails

    9Nails Member

    My phone also takes a long time to charge. I think that its faster from a USB port than the wall charger. Once I hooked to my PC at work and it said that it had a full charge in an hour. But last night I noticed that the battery was still draining when I was watching Sprint TV and had it connected to the wall! So that's my theory...
  10. PSYB0RG

    PSYB0RG Member

    It took my phone 3 hours on the wall charger while it was completely drained and completely off!

    I think it took 2hrs45 minutes completely drained & completely off while connected through the USB in the computer.

    I will do the same tests again with the phone being On while charging from both Wall & USB chargers!!!!

    Also, just wanted to add this: With barely minimum use to the phone, while it was in sleep mode, I had 70% battery after 16.5 hrs. I calculate that it should take the phone slightly over 50 hrs (maybe 55) to die from "sleep mode". Now if we can find a "proven" & efficient way to get atleast a 3rd of that (17 hrs) to last with decent functionality, then this phone will be one of the greatest phones!

    (as of right now, i've spent a few hours watching utube, playing a few games, tampering with settings, browsing the web, (with wifi on) and im down to 50% and the phone has been on 17 hours! I havent made any phone calls or sent any txts. 2morro, I plan to use the HELL out of my phone and see what kind of stats I get then. I will report back!)

    One other thing, if we could get a group of people to use their phone for dedicated tasks, and report back their stats, I think we can figure out EXACTLY what some of the problems arise from. I started to do a thread like this a few days back, and never got around to it!
  11. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    mine takes about 2 hours on charger, and half an hour on the usb top off. but this is usually with the phone off.

    i dont know it this is the thread to ask this but do you need to cycle the battery again after doing a hard reset? i was thinking not but my battery life seems to have gotten worst after a hard reset.
  12. JSA2593

    JSA2593 Newbie

    I read that you are supposed to run the battery totally down the first couple of times, and then charge it all the way up to "condition" the battery. I did that last night for the first time yesterday. I plugged it into the wall at 10:00 last night, and woke up at 7:45 and unplugged it and it still wasn't fully charged. It's on the charger now, and it just tipped the 10 hour mark. Is this normal for the first time the battery is depleted or should I contact Sprint about this?
  13. 9Nails

    9Nails Member

    When you unplug the phone from the charger and turn it on, it's technically at the 99.99% mark since it's no longer "100%" - it has used some battery power to turn on! (I know, they way that they're reporting battery life is so bizarre.)

    If you want to see "100%" or the "Charged" message, turn the phone on while it's still hooked up to the charger, and leave it there for 10 minutes. That will put back the 0.01% that you used while turning it on and you'll see "100%" like you're expecting.

    Keep doing what you're doing to condition the battery. It's all good.
  14. PSYB0RG

    PSYB0RG Member

    ok, something is wrong here. I have been charging my phone since 11a, and its now 5:10p, and its still at 90%.

    When i initially started to charge, the phone was COMPLETELY OFF. Around 2:30, i figured it should be almost fully charged, so i cut it on (while still on the usb charger) and checked the status, it said only 60%. So, I disabled wifi, gps (which i never use), background data, prevent phone from sleeping while charging, etc., the whole 9 yards.

    Its now 5:10, and its still at 90%, which shouldve been well charged by now because the whole time, i had the screen off. Tomorro I will take it to Sprint and see if the give me a new battery. But on average, it has always took about 3.5 hrs to charge my battery with the phone completely off.

    OK, now at 5:20p its 100% charged. WTH???
  15. 5 hours is the maximum allowable charge time set in the code..
  16. PSYB0RG

    PSYB0RG Member

    No doubt, I really love this phone, but it seems that those guys at SAMSUNG & SPRINT were really sleeping their heads off.

    If 5 hours is the maximum allowable charge time, that would be fine if we could get 4x the use out of it. 20hrs of great use before it hit the 15% mark.

    Then, not only that, but the fact there is no external charger? So, if i were to get an extra battery, i would have to leave my phone plugged into the PC or wall for 10 hrs? This is purely ******ED!

    Numus, i dont know anything about coding, zefie flashable roms, linux, unix, none of that type stuff, but...i just wanted u 2 know that I truly appreciate what you are trying to do here to polish this ruff diamond, hopefully, when I see a well worth risk of possibly bricking this thing, I will definately try to learn how to flash it with you guys work. thanks alot
  17. No problemo..
    Here is the code.. i have yet to track it down to find out what the difference is.. but figured it is defined so you guys can get a general idea
    #define TOTAL_CHARGING_TIME (5*60*60*1000) /* 5 hours */
    #define TOTAL_RECHARGING_TIME (2*60*60*1000) /* 2 hours */
  18. Dre89

    Dre89 Newbie

    Think it takes mine about a hour to a hour an a half if I really drained it down, that's right about what it took my Instinct.
  19. ColdStart

    ColdStart Well-Known Member

    where are you guys seeing these battery percentages(%)??
  20. JSA2593

    JSA2593 Newbie

    Download "Battery Indicator" from the market
  21. ckinusa

    ckinusa Lurker

    Mine took 1 hour 45 minutes while it was turned on. I have a Samsung Mezmorize
  22. 240phil

    240phil Member

    LMAO grave digger

    the mesmerize isn't a moment

    and there is so much false info in this thread it is hilarious.

    the USB port from the computer is the slowest way to charge the phone since it puts out more power to begin with, and the ROM on the phone limits how fast it will charge.
    If you have rooted your phone, it is better to charge your phone with the phone off because the battery file gets rebuilt and puts 100% at where ever the charge was at when the phone gets turned back on, which is usually no where near a "full" charge.
    The best way to do it is to delete that battery file, turn the phone off, charge it with the USB, and wait til the phone says fully charged. The hardware will charge to 100% when the software is turned off because the software (the ROM) has limits on the charge time and voltage.

    Also, when it comes to charging, think of it in terms of "buckets" the "bucket" that comes from the wall charger is much bigger than from the USB port. As the battery charges, its like adding another bucket to the stack. Well, the phone won't let a bucket that doesn't fit get added to the stack. So the wall charger might not get a true 100%. test this by charging with the wall charger til the phone says 100%, then immediately switch to the USB charger. The phone will continue to charge. And trust me, the phone doesn't suck down that much power in the few seconds it takes to swap wires.

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