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Support Battery Connection Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CapeFox, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. CapeFox

    CapeFox Lurker
    Thread Starter
    Jan 21, 2012

    Jan 21, 2012
    Okay so cool. I've had a Samsung Galxy gt-i9000 for about a year-ish and one day I made the fatal mistake of dropping it into a pool. It was submerged for about 2 seconds, approximately 40 cm deep.

    When I salvaged and dried it, it was experiencing some odd problems, buttons not working, random resetting etc. It had some errors restarting itself in recovery mode, but began to restore.

    Well now it miraculously restored itself back to prime and life was good. Until the battery decided that it won't charge anymore. Okay so here's the issue:

    The USB connection does not appear on my computer and the phone refuses to charge properly. When plugged in, it charges itself to about 5% and then stops. Upon plugging the charger in for the first time after resetting the phone, the battery charge icon and noise alert will appear briefly and then stop charging.

    The back of the phone, i.e. the battery, is heating while plugged in, which to me suggests some kind of software issue. I LOVE THIS PHONE SO MUCH AND I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY PROBLEM LIKE THIS! Please help :D

    (One note: The phone charged fully ONCE for no reason during the "no charge" problem, so the battery can't be fully at fault. And i've already tried a factory reset.)


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