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Battery crashing with full battery.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by 77l3r, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Hello everyone, i'm newbie here, i created this account today and that my third post.

    -What the problem?

    I losted my old phone and my mom gave me my grand-mother phone (SM-G800F Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini). I don't know if this phone is old but after 2 or 3 years the phone battery got swollen i don't know why but i'm using it right now, the phone were crashing after unplug the phone under 60% after it changed to 80% and again to 90% and again yes now i have to stay with the phone charged, it mean if i unplug it, the phone gonna crash but if the screen is turned off the phone work as well so i can still put music and try to skip with 5 sec before it crash.
    Now today i can't use it even if the screen is turned off i can't use it unpluged. And even if the phone is pluged it still crash after 20 min or if i used to many apps or if the phone is too used if you know what i mean. When i was writing this post i unpluged and pluged 7 time the phone to make sure it don't crash.

    -What happen when it crash?

    The phone start to play with the screen it mean if i press Enter on the keyboard the phone gonna write "haofjszguzk" it gonna presse everywhere and open everything like status bar.and the Led Light is being weird like she is turning off or trying to stay. And that the same for Return buttom and Windows( I don't know how it is called ) button.

    -What happened before?

    My brother throw the phone 1 time
    I punched it more than 10 time
    There is no backcover.
    There is no protection.


    How can i stop the phone from crashing?
    What can i do? I'm lost i really need help.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. The S5 Mini is a rather old device, it was released in 2014 and has been out of production for several years.
    It is not surprising that the battery is swollen especially if it is still the original one, that is what happens to them after many years in service. It is not advisable to continue using the phone with a badly swollen battery as it can possibly rupture, this would be a chemical and fire hazard if it happens.
    New batteries from Samsung are no longer available due to the age of the phone. There may be aftermarket ones available but those are often of uncertain quality. Between this and the overall condition of the phone, plus the treatment you say you have given it, the best recommendation is to throw it away (or recycle it properly) and purchase a newer device.
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    Just want to repeat what @Fox Mulder wrote -- that swollen battery is a not a good situation and you definitely should not ignore that as a potentially dangerous problem. Remove that battery now and take it to a place that recycles old batteries.

    As for that phone itself, a S5 Mini is pretty dated and whatever version of Android it's currently running will also be quite dated and no longer receiving any updates. A lot of its apps will also be dated and no longer supported . This creates a situation where have old hardware and old software so you need be even more careful than usual whenever you're doing anything involving online access. Just keep in mind there a security and privacy issues involved when you use an out-of-date device like this.

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