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Support Battery dies way too quickly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by amyduke86, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. amyduke86

    amyduke86 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 27, 2012
    I have had my Motorola Droid X2 for a little more than a year now and have had pretty average battery life. About a month ago, my phone started dying within 20 minutes of use. At first it would go down to 15% within about 20 minutes then I would get the 5% warning within a minute or 2 after that. Now the phone will just shut off on it's own with no warning. When I plug the phone in, it usually says that it's at 80-100% battery life. I've ordered a new battery hoping that is the issue.

    Anyone have any ideas? I took it to Verizon and they told me it's because I have apps running in the background. If it was purely the apps running in the background, wouldn't I have had this issue the entire life of the phone? It only started a month ago.

    Any help is appreciated!


  2. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2011
    Sounds like the battery to me as well. Apps wouldn't kill a fully charged X2 in 20 minutes.
  3. rrokit

    rrokit New Member

    Dec 7, 2011
    I've had an X2 for almost 2 years now. After working very well for the first few months I suddenly (like in within 1 day) started experiencing unable to hold charge, dying battery, hot to the touch, etc. A new battery didn't help. Only after VZ replaced the phone with a refurbished one did the trouble stop. It was very definitely a bad phone in my experience. My replacement is over a year and a half old now and no troubles at all.

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