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battery-drain: 2 identical phones, only one has a severe battery drain problem

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Roland Schweiger, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Roland Schweiger

    Thread Starter

    Sorry when OT but i found no other place.
    Yes i know it's the old battery Problem again, however it is unfortunately a rather specific one.

    My friend and i, we both have the phones
    Samsung Galaxy Golden GT-i9235 - this is the international Version of samsungs so-called "galaxy golden" and is a flip phone. (as i am severely visually impaired, i require such a device)

    Making a Long Story short - the phone of my friend gas good battery life, lasts about 7 days with lite use and most of the time in idle/standby/deep sleep.

    My phone es "empty" in just over 1 day and APPs such as WakelockDetectort, betterbatterystats or Carat show nothing at all and indicate that the phone is in deep sleep for 99% of the time. So these apps do not help here, both phones have practically the same setup and same apps installed.

    I was wondering if it could be some hardware defect but sometimes the problem disappears for a few hours where battery will only drain about 1% in 3 hours, but then it starts again - 3% per hour or more.

    The battery monitor of the phone will then show that SCREENDISPLAY is the highest bar, and all other bars become very short.
    I included some screen shots to demonstrate this (the German word for screen is BILDSCHIRM and that is what shows the highest bar)

    Of course this is of no help because SCREEN is off for 99% of the time so it cannot consume so much power.

    But does any one know what kind of process in the background could be associated with this problem? Some digitizer, some sensor that gets associated with the display?

    Have been trying all suggestions that one can find in the internet, including factory reset and cache partition wipe.
    By the way : OS is Android 4.2.2. (and there aparantly is no upgrade from Samsung but I don't think the os itself is the cause)

    Glad for any suggestions.

    greetings from Vienna,

    Roland Schweiger

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  2. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    It's going to be a rogue app.

    My phone - a Nexus 5X - suddenly started having severe battery drain last week. Normally, it drops a couple of % overnight but suddenly it started going from 50% to dead.

    Rather than mess around, I went immediately for a factory reset. Most of my phone content is backed up to Google so I just needed to copy my MP3s, documents and the photos/videos I keep on the device to a laptop.

    Getting the phone back to how it was before the reset was a breeze: the setup restored my apps (apart from a couple I deselected as I had suspicions about them), my screen layouts and even my wallpaper. All I had to do was copy back the stuff from the laptop and set up my e-mail accounts. The whole process probably took an hour end-to-end.

    The last couple of nights I've put the phone down with 99% battery and it's had around 96% or 97% left when I picked it up in the morning.
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  3. Roland Schweiger

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    only did a factory reset yesterday. To avoid that google play store would re-import or re-install some rogue app, I even unlinked my device from the google account. Then I did the factory reset and set everything up from scratch manually; my contacts were backed up before.
    And even with just the standard apps it drains about 2% per hour in idle mode which is unacceptable for me.
    As I stated, my friend has the same phone - same android version, same build and same baseband and it only looses about 3% overnight or less than 0,5% per hour in standby.

    So I did consider a hardware problem (and sometimes still do) but occasionally the problem disappears for a few hours and then comes back again. So it really is disappointing.
    And as I pointed out, APPs like WakelockDetector, BetterBatteryStats and even Carat appear useless, as actually they only read the information the phone stores itself, and it says that it is 99% in deep sleep.

    Even bought a new SD card, and had different sim cards all together from different carriers, so neither the cards should be the culpit.

    Just wonder if anyone has some idea or some corner in which I never had looked ...


    Roland Schweiger
  4. Roland Schweiger

    Thread Starter

    WeatherWidget (together with WeatherClockService) is the only major difference in notice between the 2 phones:
    On my phone with "bad battery life" the following is always visible under "running apps" :


    named "weather widget" together with "WeatherClockService".

    I do not know why it starts. I removed samsungs stock weather widget, re-added it to the home screen to view its properties and set automatic weather update to NONE, then removed it again from the screen.
    Still the widget + service starts at boot up time.
    Though I don't think this is the culpit, does anyone know why it starts and how I can prevent it (without klicking the disable / stop services buttons)?


    Roland Schweiger

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