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Battery drain due to phone being "without a signal"?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by inphoenix, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. inphoenix

    inphoenix Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I got my DX. I use it in the same place where I used my Droid for a long time. Never had signal issues. DX has a horrible battery life. I have to charge it often. I look up the battery history / Cell standby and it says it has been 50% of the time without a signal!

    I hever had issues with dropped voice calls but have noted slow data transfer or loosing data on the phone every now and then.

    Can you look into your battery usage and click on cell standy and see if it says it has been without a signal? Is this a DX issue?

  2. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    If you're phone is constantly searching for a signal, it will have a significant impact on battery performance. You seem to already know that, but I want to make sure.

    Try dialing *228 and choose option two to update roaming capabilities. This has helped some people who began to notice battery and/or signal problems.

    I don't think that it's a normal problem with the device, as a lot of people have posted saying they get absolutely fantastic signal coverage. If you continue to have problems, you may want to ask Verizon directly about the issue. Sometimes they will shortly disconnect your number from their system, then add it back a few minutes later to sort of, "refresh," things. They can check nearby cell towers to see if there's an issue or if one needs some sort of software fix or update. There's usually a lot that they can help with and their actual customer support is really quite helpful and supportive.

    Let us know if anything changes.
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  3. Nightwind Hawk

    Nightwind Hawk Well-Known Member

    I too notice that battery life decreases much quicker when there is no signal (since it's searching constantly for signal). Where are you? Perhaps where you work or some room in your house doesn't get a signal from verizon? Go to the settings --> about phone --> status. Check the signal strength of where you are currently.
  4. john0821

    john0821 Android Enthusiast

    Damn, so many signal threads. LOL I started one myself not that long ago. hahaha *228, prompt 2 will hopefully fix your issue.
  5. Brian_83

    Brian_83 Well-Known Member

    I honestly thing it's some kind of reporting but. That or it's set to show no signal there when it gets down to the lowest bar or something. I know when I had the Incredible it would always show a pretty high percentage there but I never had issues with making or receiving calls and never saw my phone totally without a signal. I just checked my DX and it doesn't show any time without signal today, but it has before. I've also never seen my DX not have a signal.
  6. inphoenix

    inphoenix Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks all for your input. *228 is the first thing I did when I got the phone and I've done it couple more times in last 3 weeks.

    About phone->Status shows a signal of -90 dBm which according to Verizon is pretty good.

    Brian_83, it may be some kind of reporting bug but a reporting bug should not drop my data connection every now and then. I agree that I never had issues related to making or receiving calls but data has been an issue. Also this results in battery lasting 6-8 hours only.

    Verizon thinks it may be my phone. They will run a test and probably change my phone out.

    Now, interesting part is that I rebooted the phone after I started the thread. I just checked the battery use and it shows 0% time without signal. Will check again tomorrow morning and update this thread.

    Again, I appreciate all inputs.

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