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I recently upgraed to 4.3 and maybe I'm just looking for differences but it seems my battery isn't lasting as long. I did a test last night where I fully charged it then unplugged it when I went to bed. When I woke up, I had only 45% power.

I have GSam battery monitory, and using that, I found that the bulk of the useage was "Aps", and within that it was "Kernal (Android OS)". I noticed that the "Keep Awake" was 6h 5m. What could be keeping the phone "awake" when it's not in use. I am using JuiceDefender and have a nighttime profile set up.


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Look at other threads "Battery drain" on S3s has been common for the last 7-8 months. I got my S3 in August 2012 and battery was nothing but phenomenal. I had everything on - GPS, Wifi, etc. Easily last a whole day. Earlier this year something happened - update??? Battery drain then easily 2x worse. A few months ago I scoured the forums with different tips, clean cache, checking my SD card.... You name it. I tried them all. Reset my phone back to factory defaults... nothing has worked. I just received 4.3 last Friday and NOW the battery drain seems even worse... I am frustrated beyond belief.

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Id suggest getting rid of Juice Defender and install Wakelock Detector to find out whats waking the CPU for starters.
This isnt a root forum so i cant suggest much more (im on 4.4.1 but) on 4.3 i could easily get 30hrs standby time.
Its all about taking control of the phone and i know it shouldnt be that way, samsung should be giving you the best experience possible but the fact is that the s3 is still an excellent piece of hardware being bogged down by terrible firmware (imo).
Instead of letting it frustrate you, at least look into rooting it and use Greenify or DS Battery Saver to DRASTICLY improve standby time.
Screen-on time is a bit harder to improve and basicly a bigger battery is the best way to improve that in a major way :beer:


This is one of the main bugs with the 4.3 update for S3 users. S4 is already patched I believe, we should be getting ours soon