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Battery draining extremly fast. just started today..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NYG, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. NYG

    NYG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I forced froyo last week. and since this morning it has been draining so fast that if i take it off the charger its dead within an hour. just started doing this? any body else?

  2. maybe cuz its now new to you that you keep messing around with it? cuz i forced froyo, and im rockin 33hrs since last plugged in. minor calls, some web browsin/facebook and app update checks.
  3. NYG

    NYG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    its not new to mee. the phone is blazing hot and the battery bar is red within an hour.. it just started out of nowhere.. ive had the phone since january
  4. nightrain

    nightrain Newbie

    I was out last night, left my house around 4:00 with my battery at 80% and got home around 1, 2 a.m. and my battery was at 15%. I made ONE phone call during the entire time I was out and it was literally less than a minute long. The only thing I did was go on Facebook or Twitter every now and then and texted people. I've never had that happen to me before, I'm VERY conscious of what my battery level is at.
  5. NYG

    NYG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i tried my friends battery to see if it was my battery or the phone and his battery did the same thing so this is a phone issue
  6. why don you just do a factory reset, and the re install all apps one at a time..one of your apps could be causing the problem
  7. NYG

    NYG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    it wont even charge now... very frustrating
  8. macktns

    macktns Member

    i would just try reinstalling the update
  9. SlaveUnit

    SlaveUnit Member

    Mine is the same way with the battery. It has dropped my hours of usage/idle by about half.
  10. steakneggs

    steakneggs Newbie

  11. Same thing, also boots very slow, and gets very hot at the back.

    And it isn't the "OS is new to you so you're using it more." I can leave the phone idle and it'll be down to about 30% - 40% battery in 3 hours.
    A sizeable chunk of Droid users who jumped to Froyo are having battery issues... Fast drain, slow charge.
  12. i really dont get how a lot of users are having problems....i had mine sit idle for almost the whole day.and after like 15hrs it was still at 90%, im around 37 hours since charge and it is now around 60-50% left, this is all idle, minimal phone calls and little browsing/facebookapp and checking up on updates from market..the only widgets that i know that are running are my pure calendar and beautiful widgets, as well as LauncherProPlus.
  13. The problem might not be effecting everyone, actually, it definitely isn't because anybody who is experiencing normal battery life (ie, making it through a working day with your phone) isn't having the issue that some others are having. If I unplugged my phone right now and let it sit, it'd be dead in a couple hours. I thought I noticed some significant battery drain, but wanted to wait through the weekend to really confirm it ... basically, the phone runs extremely hot right now, takes for ever to charge, and the battery is down to 15% after about 5 hours of use. I brought my phone to a wedding last night, kept the phone in my jacket pocket which was hung up... Wedding started at 6:45, I grabbed my jacket at about 11:00ish and it was the yellow bar, I put it back in, finally just turned it off at 11:25 when it was red and blinking.

    I wasn't using it and had normal service.

    I'm going to try a factory reset and see how it goes.
  14. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    It may not be just Froyo doing it. I did not update and my phone gets extremely hot with horrid battery life. It started last week, I initially thought it was was LauncherPro (not the latest update, the one before it) so did a battery pull. When I did that my SD card could not be read so I had to transfer all my non-lost info and format it. I then noticed that maps was running non-stop using a lot of battery. I had tried Latitude and I think that hung it up. Anyway, I finally got out of the maps loop but still have bad battery life and a HOT running Droid. It's very laggy (why I thought LP), my video was not working and I ended up losing all my pics/vids. My sister was complaining today that hers is "slow" and gets warmer than normal too. Maps is running...
    This may not be at all related to what you guys are experiencing but there does seem to be something going on lately.
  15. MajesticFlame

    MajesticFlame Member

    I had a similar problem after I updated last week but it ended up being that botched Facebook update. Thankfully they got that fixed quick but it goes to show all it takes is one rouge app to mess things up. Not saying that is what is happening in this case but it does sound like what the Facebook app did to my phone. Just thought I'd mention it in case you had updated Facebook the first time and haven't downloaded the fixed version yet. I tend to check for updates on the market a few times a day.
  16. Majestic --
    I've been checking for updates to the FB app ever since word got out that was the issue, but they never came. I checked a few times a day. I even uninstalled updates and then re-installed the latest, but to no avail.

    I sys restored the phone and I'm anxious to see what happens with it. Stinks losing all of my settings, tones, etc., but I can deal with that later if it solves some of these really nasty issues.
  17. SlaveUnit

    SlaveUnit Member

    Definitely let us know. Like most Im trying to avoid doing the reset. But if necessary I will and just go frmo there. I was trying to stall to see if the FRG22 update would fix it. I am on the FRG01B currently.
  18. Sadly (maybe happily?), I think the Factory reset has done it ... The phone is not running hot and Android OS is using 2 and 3% of the battery in the useage stats. For what it's worth, I'm basically only using Gmail, Messaging, and Contacts as any significant apps. I set my weather location in the news app too, but I haven't done any other real customizations at all.

    I'm going to wait and see how it goes. So far, battery has stayed stable at whatever it is right now (looks to be about 60%, which is what it was at when I factory'd it an hour+ ago). I'm going to charge it up at night and see how it goes all day tomorrow to report back.

    Although I swear I almost shat the first time I heard that "DROOOIDDD" sound that I quickly got rid of before.
  19. Okay following up from last night:

    I performed a factory reset and can confirm: the phone is NOT running hot. This is the biggest indication of change for me because as SOON as I put Froyo on, the phone was running hot next to the camera lens, above the battery bay. I posted about it almost immediately because it didn't seem right. The "hotness" persisted throughout the week, after a few battery pulls, after many quick drains, etc. Turning the phone on would heat it up fast and at one poiint, it was so hot I took it out of my pocket because it was making me sweat.

    SO. This morning, I can confidently say: the phone is cool again after the Settings -> Privacy -> factory reset. Okay, onto battery.

    It charged normally last night, going from 60% to 100% before I fell asleep... I didn't measure out the time or anything, but it was in the time that I turned on that new show on the Discovery channel about slow motion animals killing other animals. If that means anything to you, good.

    This morning, I unplugged the phone at 10:00am EST. It is now 11:26 AM and I seemingly still have full battery from the graphical indicator. I have basically nothing set up. Android downloaded all of my old apps for me again, which was great, but I have none of them setup. I only have Gmail (and google products), messenger, and contacts setup. I also have the news & weather widget, plus the power control widget setup. Other than that, it's three blank home screens.

    After confirming progress with the battery life, I am going to set up my exchange corporate email & calendar, and see how that goes. If battery life and the cool-to-touch/non-hotness is still consistent, I'm going to setup Facebook. I'll download the latest FB from the MArketplace and see what happens.

    Basically, what I can tell you right now: After factory resetting last night, my droid is still running 2.2, and it is acting like how it acted BEFORE the manual update. Battery life seems strong, Android_OS is running at 2% (instead of 40%), the phone is cool to the touch, and everything seems to be much more functional.
  20. peskemom

    peskemom Newbie

    It might help if you told us which Froyo you are working with. I'm up to FrG022 - and am using P3's 1000mhz kernel....

    Here are some tips I have found to help extend battery life:

    First I use the SetCPU app to control my processor speed - so it isn't always running at the same Mhz....( this is a Free Market App) I use the "set profiles" settings inside this app to control the processor speed depending on what I want. I turn the mhz way down, for example when the screen is off, etc. I also have it set to reduce processor speed when the battery heats up...another thing I have learned helps reduce the 'heat' aspect of useage.

    Second: I use the free JuiceDefender app. ( another Free app)

    The combination of these 2 apps increases my battery use during the day dramatically.

    The other thing I do is use the stock "running services" NOT any market apps like task killer, etc. I found the market apps burn my battery. I leave the Running Services widget on my front desktop - and several times a day check what's running in the background and it I don't want or use it anymore that day I turn it off. You'd be surprised at how many apps stay 'running' in the background once you 'close' your app. And this alone increases my battery 'heat' and drainage.

    This mighty combo of 3 things has made my battery life extend dramatically.

    A couple of caveats. At home I have wireless so that's what I use on my droid. This alone saves my battery over 3G.

    If you live or have your phone in an area that is trying to keep a stable internet signal - no matter what you will burn through your battery.

    I just got back from visiting with my family in a rented beach home that had virtually no cell coverage. My phone burned through it's battery in about 4 hours before I realized it. So I had to practically keep my phone plugged in the whole time I was there. Once I got out of that tiny dead zone - battery performance jumped right back up.

    So you see there are alot of factors involved in battery performance - and maybe this will help you in tweaking your phone to help you.
  21. steakneggs

    steakneggs Newbie

    I un-installed the Facebook updates (1.3.1) and haven't opened Facebook 1.2 and I am back to pre-2.2 (non-rooted) battery life...

    Although, after a battery pull my SD card no longer works... :?
  22. Following up from my previous battery post:

    Since restoring to factory settings, 2.2, my battery is still "full" on the indicator. It's been since 10:00am this morning. It is now 3:29PM. Everything seems to be running flawlessly. The phone is fast, not hot, battery charge has looked almost like 100% for the last 7 hours (please note, before factory restart, I would be down to about 15% within a few hours).

    I am going to setup my exchange email and see how that goes. Depending on how that is, I will setup Twitter. Then Facebook. Then the SMS Backup program. Then the rest. I want to figure out what the culprit is on this.

    Edit 4:08PM EST
    I set up Corporate EMail about 45 minutes ago, and there has been no noticeable change in battery or in "hot"ness of the unit. Battery still seemingly looks to be at 100%, while the unit is still plenty cool and running fine.
  23. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    Copy all of your files to a new folder on your PC/laptop, format your SD card and copy the files back over. Mine did the exact same thing and the only thing that was really lost were my camera pics and videos.
  24. Gunner

    Gunner Android Enthusiast

    I started having major battery issues today as well. I just switched from FRG01B to FRG22 yesterday, and my phone was running great all day yesterday and was also fine this morning. Then around noon my battery dropped from 70% to 15% in about 2.5hrs, while sitting idle on my desk. I loaded up a website, and the batt immediately dropped from 15% to 5%. Something strange is definitely going on. I'm wondering if it's FB causing this again.

    Sounds like there could still be an issue w/ the FB app: http://www.examiner.com/x-8134-SF-G...oid-gets-updated-battery-drain-still-an-issue
  25. Bad news.

    So, I was dialogging how everything was going after doing a system restore. Well, everything was going great. I had impeccable battery life all day, until 6:30pm... we're talking losing barely anything on battery. The phone was cool to the touch, not hot like it has been with Froyo, and everything was running great. AndroidOS was running at 2 - 3% like it is supposed to.

    Then around 9:00pm tonight, things took a turn for the worse. The only app that I knew that I opened was Tasker, that task management/scheduling app, but I didn't do anything with it... I opened it, clicked around, then closed it. By 11:00, the phone went through over 60% of battery in 2 hours and is now sitting on the charger taking forever to charge. It's been on the charger for about 10mins and is still at 5%.

    Also, Android OS spiked way up to 30+% during this time.

    I uninstalled tasker as well as any other apps that I could think of... that I wouldn't use. But... unfortunately, this seems to be like a larger problem with Froyo. I never opened Facebook or anything like that so nothing with the reportedly troublesome apps seems to have anything to do with this.

    Any word on when Verizon will officially release Froyo? I'm hoping with the official release this mess gets settled. It seems like it might be limited to certain phones. But, I'll probably just do another restore tomorrow if I have to... can't live with a battery that drains 60% in 2 hours.

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