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Battery draining with TouchWiz but not with Cyanogenmod

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Michael4917, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Michael4917

    Michael4917 Lurker
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    I recently got a Galaxy S4. I found that my batterylife wasn't as long as I expected it to be. With moderate/light use, is could get it from a 100% when I leave the house, to almost empty at noon when i come home from school.

    Then I switched to Cyanogenmod because I thought it would bring advantages but after a few days of use I realised I prefer TW because of the better camera, the notification bar which is slightly different and the extra funtions like scan for text in pictures. The thing is with CM my batterylife has significantly improved. It lasts at least until in the evening and somethimes it's enough to start the next day.

    So the only thing holding me back from going back to TW is the terrible batterylife i get from it.

    Is this normal, are other people having the same problem? What is draining the battery so fast in TW and can I permanently stop or delete these apps?

    I was running the most updated version of android/touchwiz (don't remember excactly what version, probably 4.4.2?) and currently CM 11.0.


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  2. alpha2k

    alpha2k Android Expert

    This is just a possible idea that's if you have the same phone as I do. I was having the same issue and I am on a sprint sph-l720t s4, so this only pertains to this s4 as far as I am aware.

    From my findings and lengthy research and testing I found that (again only on this phone because I have not tested other phones yet) but on this phone there is a location glitch....I relate it to a sprint software bug myself.

    To try and keep it short, There are 3 mode settings High Accuracy, Battery saver, and gps only modes. When you turn location ON, you get a popup to agree or disagree. If you "disagree" this then puts you in gps only mode, if you hit agree it sets you in high accuracy and battery saver mode, toggleing between the two. What happens is if you "agree" and set it to the HA/BS mode location for some stupid reason NEVER gets shut off, and I mean never....not even when everything is shut off, ie: gps, bt, wifi, etc.....nothing on at all, yet location gets stuck on. The fix or work around for this is to hit disagree to set you to gps only mode, then toggle gps on and off through quicktoggles, rather than settings location. Location in this case THEN toggles on/off just fine as it should.

    In short hitting agree location will stay on, hitting disagree location will toggle fine.

    I have reported this to sprint themselves so they are now aware of this issue, and "hopefully" (not holding my breath) they will send a patch or a fix out for this.

    Again this is only on the sprint sph-l720T S4 variant phone. If you own this same phone, then an easy test would be this:

    Open location in settings, toggle it off then on again. When the popup shows up again hit disagree. Now stay in this setting and pull your notification bar down and toggle off gps, then swipe notifications up again, you will then see that location is off. Remember to disagree, not agree, this is the only way this will work.

    Location being left on all the time was what my major battery drain....once I did this work around my battery goes back to normal draining as apposed to a 4hr drain from 100% to like 20% in a matter of 4 hrs :(.

    In have also tested this on carbon rom, and cm11 and they both do not have this issue if I ht agree, the location still toggles on and off as it should, where as in stock TW it does not. I have tested this same thing on multiple phones such as s5, note 3, mega, s3, and NONE of those have this issue, this seems to only point to the sprint branded s4. I cannot say about the OTHER s4 on sprint because I haven't tested that one, because there are 2 variants of the sprint s4, the l720 and l720T, I own the T version.

    If someone with a L720 (not T) would be so kind as to test this for me and post back here, so I can reply back to sprint and let them know of further testing I would be grateful, because I would like to know if it affects both or just this T version of the s4.
    To my knowledge they don't sell the L720, they have since replaced it with and are pushing out the L720T phones instead in it's place.
  3. Michael4917

    Michael4917 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you and sorry for my late reaction, I have been busy with my exams. I actually live in the Netherlands so I don't use sprint. I am currently still using CM because I don't really need the better camera etc when I go to school every day.

    I will switch back to TW around december when the holidays start because I will have a lot more free time. Then I will for sure try this out and tell you.

    Any other suggestions?

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