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Battery dropping fast / Random Reboots

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DCM*T*BOLT, May 17, 2011.


    DCM*T*BOLT Newbie
    Thread Starter

    On my 2nd Inc2, first one seemed to be dropping battery fast, tech agreed. This one seemed much better for a few days, and now seems to be dropping quickly, yes I'm killing services I'm not using. etc etc... it seems to hold while on stand by, but as soon as that screen is on .. even with brightness way down.. seems to drop % very fast.

    Also when coming off charger seems to drop VERY quickly..sometimes will drop 7-8% within a few min. Ive read that HTC phones do not trickle charge at 100% but actually stop charging .. well, actually are discharging while plugged in... which is just ridiculous if so.

    Random Reboots. I did not notice any with my first Inc2 but this one has done it about 5-6 times now in a little over a week, no rhyme or reason why. This seems to be happening a lot to the Thunderbolts based on the forum, But I have only seen it mentioned a few times here on the Inc2 forum. Just wondering if its my phone specific, or perhaps a network issue causing it, as some believe it is the cause of the Thunderbolt issue

    So unimpressed with HTC quality control. Will likely be changing brands next phone.

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  2. I hated htc for that very reason but I decided to give them 1 more shot and my experience could not be more different than yours. I'm getting a day easy on a stock battery and have had zero hiccups yet.

    Sorry for your problems, man. It is a crapshoot when you buy this stuff although it should be identical.
  3. AliceBToklas

    AliceBToklas Member

    I can appreciate your frustration. I've had zero issues with battery. I've had it go 30+ hours with, what for me is, normal use (1-2 calls, maps/navigation, email, gtalk...). Sometimes it can be the battery itself and not the phone. If you haven't do so you might try a couple full power cycles (let it drain completely then fully charge). I know some people got a new battery from VZW and it was better.

    As for the reboots, many have had a problem with this. When I called about this I got the expected response which is to do a factory reset. It took much more effort than should every be required. The radio seemed to go to hell such that the reset could not even reprogram the phone. Took several cycles with this but it all finally 'took'. At one point I even had the old market. Strange how things are different. I'm now 2 days without a random reboot but mine was not that often before so more time is needed to fully evaluate. The story here is that a reset might be worth a try if you have not already done so. Just one option.

    I have to admit that a few random reboots here or there will not be a killer for me. Only a couple have been while I was using the phone and they were not during a call.
  4. jkmasi

    jkmasi Android Enthusiast

    No random reboots for me. I know how frustrating those can be as I had a few on my Droid X a while back. I removed Launcher Pro and loaded Go Launcher, and the reboots stopped.

    It may be that some apps you have are not playing nice with each other. You may need to do a factory reset and try not adding any apps for a few days to see if the phone settles down. Then add your apps more gradually... so you can figure out if one of them is the culprit. Also, get rid of your Task Killer if you have one.

    Yeah, the HTC phones I've had do stop charging while still plugged in. If your phone reaches 100% and then stays on the charger, the battery actually discharges part of the time. You can bump charge or just not pay too much attention to it. I find that in reality, my phone lasts just as long on days when I leave the house at 94% as days when I'm at 100%.

    Good luck!
  5. Gevis

    Gevis Android Enthusiast

    I'd say if you're using a 3rd party task manager, you should get rid of it.
  6. steve6163

    steve6163 Newbie

    I have a brand new Incredible 2 also, and have been having the same fast battery drain problem. I tried most of what I've seen on various forums with no luck, so tonight I did a factory reset when the battery went down to under 20% left. It's on the charger now so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

    When I checked the battery status and what was eating it up, I had the dreaded PVMtpServiceStart at the top of the list, eating into the 80% range, in no time flat (and no gaming/music/videos/etc). I just took the phone off the charger and checked the battery use again and that PVMtpServiceStart isn't on the list anymore, so maybe the factory reset did something....we'll see.
  7. steve6163

    steve6163 Newbie

    Well, something made a huge change for the better. The HTC Incredible 2 has been off the charger for a little over five hours now and the battery level hasn't flinched....and the PVMtpServiceStart is gone! I'm also running JuiceDefender, and have no idea if that's the big help or not, but it's staying on my phone. Yesterday, if the phone had been off the charger for five hours and not even used, the battery would've been at around 50% by now.

    This is the start of only the second day with this phone, if that matters to battery performance and "conditioning". Yesterday it was constantly being recharged, and remember I did that factory reboot late last night, too (I think that's what wiped out the PVMtpServiceStarter).
  8. AliceBToklas

    AliceBToklas Member

    I consider JuiceDefender optional. It's likely the reset took care of the problem. I'd love to know the details of how the phone is originally delivered in a non-reset state but that's for another day. After a few days you might try getting JuiceDefender out of the way and see how it goes. Would be nice to share the results.
  9. steve6163

    steve6163 Newbie

    Okay, update: the phone has been unplugged for 22 hours, and shows a little over 24 hours of "up time" (whatever that is), and it's at 40% after a day of general use - apps, internet, general stuff. And that ominous PVMtpServiceStarter ghoul hasn't reappeared....woohoo!

    I must say, I am 10000% happier than I was yesterday - it's a completely different phone than it was yesterday (well, the battery is). I guess I would have to highly recommend a factory reboot when you get the phone home. Maybe the Verizon people set it up in some funky mandatory way.

    Anyway, all is well after a full day!
  10. steve6163

    steve6163 Newbie

    I think I'm done with updates, because I'm not having any issues whatsoever with the battery anymore. The only thing I do that starts to eat it up a bit is use the video camera and replay videos, over and over (I'm a picky photographer). Otherwise, for the general use I make of the phone, the battery is holding strong, so unlike Day One with this phone. I also switched it from 3G to wifi today, being in the house, and the battery just won't die (it's still at 80% after the whole day).

    The factory reboot I did changed everything, at least with my phone.

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