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Battery Gets down if i activated internet connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by writetoksk, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. writetoksk

    writetoksk Lurker
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    My Mobile Galaxy Ace was working very fine upto 3 months from my purchase date.Later i found that if the internet connection has activated my mobile gets shutdown in 2 hours even if the battery is 100% charged.If i deactiavted Packet Data ,the mobile life will be 1.5 days.

    When i bought it gaves me 8 hours in both voice and data calls.

    the reasons i noticed was ,i am seeing on the top of the screen "REFRESH" button is continuously loading,i do not know the reason.And if i am recieving the email if i go to Inbox direcly i could not able to see the recieved email,but if i select ALL EMAIL i can able to see the recent mail.My phone is synchronized all in EMAIL settings.

    Please any one help me.For this kind of smart phones are using for business use.I am lossing many things due to this

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  2. bigbaldbloke

    bigbaldbloke Well-Known Member

    Could be 2 separate problems. For the first, try turning off automatic background syncing through Settings, Accounts & Sync. Try turning off one option, see if it still happens, then the other. It could be that a single app is constantly syncing in the background.

    For the email problem, see if there are any filters set.
  3. disturbedone

    disturbedone Newbie

    what BIGBALD said.. plus switch your network mode from Auto Mode to 2G (GSM only) until you actually need to use 3G :)

    and try Juice Defender
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