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General Battery Info For the Incredible S ( Directly From HTC)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Reaper618, May 30, 2011.

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    May 29, 2011

    May 29, 2011
    1. Lower screen brightness. From the Home screen, press Menu>Settings>Display>Brightness.
    2. Turn off WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth when you don't need them.
    3. Disable WiFi network notifications. Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks>WiFi settings. Uncheck the Network notification box.
    4. Disable "always on" mobile data. This is one of the biggest battery savers. Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks uncheck the box at Enable always-on mobile data.
    5. Turn off background data. Menu>Settings>Accounts & sync>Uncheck the Background data box so that applications cannot sync, send, and receive data whenever they want to.
    6. Lower the screen timeout interval. Menu>Settings>Display>Screen Timeout.
    7. Manually turn off the screen when not in use.
    8. Turn off auto-sync. Menu>Settings>Accounts & sync uncheck Auto-sync.
    9. Change auto-sync frequency (Weather, News, Stocks, Twitter, etc). If you don't want to turn off auto-sync, you can adjust how frequently data is retrieved/updated. The settings vary depending on the app (and some don't offer the setting at all), but it's generally found in the same place. Menu>Settings>Accounts & sync. Tap the account you wish to change sync frequency on>Account settings>Update Schedule. Change according to your requirements.
    10. Disable wireless network location services when not needed. Menu>Settings>Location>Tap Use wireless networks to disable using wireless networks. Please keep in mind that this needs to be enabled if you want to see and/or use your location in apps like Maps.
    11. Turn off window animations. Menu>Settings>Display>Animation>No animations.
    12. Don't use a live wallpaper.
    13. Use a dark wallpaper.
    14. Change WiFi sleep policy. This may sound counter-intuitive, but leaving WiFi on when the device isn't being used and the screen is off is actually better than letting it sleep. When WiFi sleeps, 3G /4G wakes up to sync, get email, and retrieve other data. 3G will eat up more battery than WiFi. Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks>WiFi settings>Menu>Advanced>WiFi sleep policy>Never.
    15. Monitor your running services. Menu>Settings>Applications>Running Services. From this location you can view what your device is doing and manually stop certain running activities by tapping them.
    16. Choose your home screen widgets carefully. Widgets that need access to the internet to update can suck up a lot of juice if not managed well, so choose them carefully and set their sync/update frequencies to a reasonable interval.
    17. Disable notification lights. Menu>Settings>Display>Notification flash>uncheck all the boxes.
    18. Turn off phone vibration. Menu>Settings>Sound>disable Phone vibrate.
    19. Turn off audible touch tones. Menu>Settings>Sound>disable Audible Selection>Tap Audible touch tones and select Off.
    20. Turn off haptic feedback. Menu>Settings> Language & keyboard>Touch input>Text input>disable Vibrate when typing. You can also disable haptics in other areas of the system. Home>Menu>Settings>Sound>disable Vibrate feedback.


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