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So after almost 2 years on my Note 4 I bought a new battery to give it some life. The 'Power Bear' battery worked great for a couple months, but then started draining very quickly and would take 8 hours to charge completely. I did not make any changes to OS or apps. So I chucked it up to a shitty battery. I then purchased another brand - now discharge was somewhat better, but still the 8+ hours to charge. I have tried factory resets, but no change. Ideas at this point? Buy a third battery or trash the phone? Im currently using a S5 and my plan was to get the S8+. I love that phone, but im a Note fan a hearr. At this point I'm thinking of waiting to see what the a note 8 has to offer, but using this S5 is painful. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I always buy the genuine Samsung batteries now, I had a string of so called compatible batteries that were crap, you can get the genuine ones for about £10 if you shop around, always look for a seller that has as near to 100% feedback as possible. Phil


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Even then, check. I've had fake batteries sold as real for old phones by reputable shops (the fact that the temperature sensor had been replaced by a fixed resistor was a give-away - visually it looked absolutely fine). I don't know whether the shop itself was aware they were fake, but needless to say I got it refunded and bought elsewhere (for a bit more, but not taking chances with batteries, they can be dangerous).


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I have 4 batteries for my Note 4, and none of them are worth a damn.
none of them will Fast Charge, none of them will take a full charge regardless of how long the charger is left plugged in.

2 of them I bought on fleabay for "2 for $9.95" which I did as a chance that might "be good".... uh uh....

there is a local retailer a few towns away from me, I am going to make one more effort at buying one "full retail" in hopes that I can get a good one.

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I had a Powerbear that quit after 80 days. I e-mailed them and never got a response so I left them a scathing review on amazon and two days later had a response to my e-mail confirming my address for a replacement battery, which is now in my phone. I've also had good luck with Anker.
It sounds to me as though the OP's problem is something other than a battery. I had a similar charging problem with my Galaxy S4 and it turned out to be the OEM Samsung charging cable. Once it was replaced I was back in business.


For information, beware some off-brand replacement batteries for Samsungs. This particular one was absolute crap.

And even if it states Samsung on it there's a lot of fakes around, so always best to buy from reputable sources, rather than cheap online from China or something.