Help Battery issues


I have been having issues with the Droid battery life and I've noticed the back of the phone/battery heats up. I have the power control widget with everything off, brightness of screen nearly as low as it'll go and use the task killer app....nothing seems to help. i also let the battery drain before i recharge. anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is? thanks!


Heat is a common issue with smart phones (especially when new). I experienced this with the sprint Hero, the blackberry tour and now (to a lesser extent in contrast) with the Droid.

It's just how these smartphones work with the current battery technology. The droid has a pretty big battery to power the very nice screen. I would suggest turning on or checking auto is selected for brightness. I notice the Droid in comparison to the Hero does a better job of this and results in longer battery life. Your screen is your number one power user and will generate the most heat as a byproduct.