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Battery just draining like crazy???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by michael800, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. michael800

    michael800 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The last day or so after charging my phone to 100% overnight (phone is on when charging) and then putting in standby mode I'm losing like 5-7% of battery every hour.

    Over the weekend I was losing just 6% every 9 hours in standby mode. Today in 4 hours time I'm down to 65% already with mostly standby mode and a few minutes of browsing. I even had JuiceDefender installed since last night and it's not helping at all.

    To me it seems that something is in the background that is draining the battery though I when I check running services I don't see anything that shouldn't be there. When I was losing only 6% every 10 hours I did have a live wallpaper, weather/clock widget, and task killer. I didn't change anything on the next charge and now I'm constantly losing battery even in standby mode.

    I have Wifi/GPS/background data off, brightness at minimum, no animations, etc. So pretty much followed all the battery saving pointers. I thought it was working good when I got just about 36 hours over the weekend with standby and moderate usage. So I don't know what has happened to my battery all of a sudden.

    The two times that I have managed to do 30+ hours on a single charge I had Advanced Task Killer running. However, even after doing 36 hours on one charge the next day even with ATK the battery started to drain a lot every hour in just standby.

    Anyone else having similar issues? I don't know what else to do at this time. I've uninstalled many of the apps thinking it might one of them causing the issue, but still having issues.

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  2. presence06

    presence06 Member

    Could be ATK?

    Bad battery?

    Try a Restore and see if that helps.

    After having it for about 2 weeks now I can still get 15+ hours of use. But I don't and have never used a Task Manager, just go into "Running Services" and kill what's not needed or stuck.

    Maybe other people have better ideas but I would start maybe with a restore? Or exchange.
  3. Killing Hours

    Killing Hours Newbie

    If you're using ATK... Don't use the option of "auto killing"... keep it disabled. Make sure it is also one of the checked items so that it too is being killed with the button is clicked. I use ATK as well... however, I manually run the program only when I check the phone or every couple of hours or so.

    According to another post here in the forums... someone is saying that it does "more harm" to the phone but I've just asked that person to explain what it's doing so that we may all know what s/he knows. Waiting on a reply.

    The other topic about power:
  4. robo21

    robo21 Android Expert

    I just use the Android Power Control Widget and have no problem whatsoever. I've read from numerous sources that "Ap Killers" are not only unnecessary but cause more problems.

    I went to bed last night at 11PM with the phone at 100% charge. When I check the status this morning the battery was at 94% 8 hours later. The only "service" that was running was the synchronization service so I would get email.
  5. Killing Hours

    Killing Hours Newbie

    Robo... does the power control widget manage the other programs that automatically turn themselves on? I followed your advice in the other post and put that widget on my home screen and as far as I can tell... it has 5 services that can be disabled/shutdown. (unless I'm missing something somewhere)

    Services I see:


    Other than those... there is nothing on that widget for shutting down the programs that run on their own in the background or after you've run them and "backed" out or "homed" out. (i.e. visual voicemail, telenav, contacts, voicemal etc etc etc)

    In order to kill those apps... one would have to go into applications and shut them down one by one until satisfied and continually check one them as they start on their own in the background. (which is where ATK would come in for an easy "1 click" shutdown of all)

    Where am I going wrong with this because now this whole power saving issue is becoming interesting to me. Any insight would be great. Thanks.
  6. michael800

    michael800 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That is pretty much what I was getting from my last full charge on Saturday morning...losing only 5-6% every 9-10 hours on just standby. This with Advanced Task Killer and live wall paper and weather/clock widget.

    For ATK I have set to "Auto Kill" and "Crazy" and "When screen is off". That worked fine over the weekend, but on Monday morning when I took the phone off charge and I started the Radiotime app to listen to music for a few minutes I started noticing the batteriy draining like crazy (lost like 10% in 15 minutes). Even after exiting the app yesterday all day the battery was draning like 5-6% per hour with no task killer though.

    So I checked my running services to see if Radiotime app was running in background,but wasn't. So I don't know what could be draining the battery so much. Like you I have WiFi/GPS/Background data off (Using switchpro widget on homescreen).

    I'm thinking of installing ATK again and test again tonight.

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