Help Battery life acting.. weird?

Hello. I started to notice this problem a few months ago, but I think it has got a bit worse now lately. Let me explain what is happening and why I need some answers from you about what could be the cause of this issue and the possible fix?

So, I have let us say 45% of battery left on my phone. But if I open any of the following apps: Google maps, Snapchat & Google Search but battery dies instantly or in a few seconds. Then my phone reboots itself and now claims to only have 1-5% of battery left, then it dies also quite quickly. Until I put it charging it wont reboot and turn on.

This is quite odd because it should be working at 45% very well, sometimes if I happen to put battery saving mode on then it will work quite long to circa 10-15% of battery.

So, what could be the cause of this? It can not be my charger because I have bought a new one after the old one broke.


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Your power remaining is based on the voltage output of your battery. Batteries are made up of individual cells and if one of them is failing, it would explain a sudden drop in voltage.


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Alright thanks for the info! I'm new on these forums and tbh had no idea where to get help, I'm not an expert on smartphones you see :p