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Root Battery Life and Awake Time 2 Different Evo's -- Same Rom and Kernel

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mikebgb4, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. mikebgb4

    mikebgb4 Newbie
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    As the title states I have 2 evo's, one is hw 002 and the other is hw 004. Running the same roms (mashed droids - a derivative of myns rls5) I noticed that the battery drain on the hw 004 was significantly less than hw 002 with the following radios on {BT, GPS, and 4G}. Sleep time was significantly higher with hw 002 than hw 004 which I was able to deduce that hw 004 plays nicer with radios left on than my launch day hw 002 hence the better battery life.

    On another test running only BT for both evos battery drain was approximately the same at less than 1% an hour.

    Testing both evos with Only BT on I have been able to talk approx 10 hrs with the chinese 3500 mah battery. It is around 6 hrs with the stock battery and BT. Note that the screen was off the whole time except to initiate the calls. So there is no confusion, the test was run overnight calling btwn each evo.

    Another test that Ive run is running wireless tether using 4g, BT on while calling btwn evo's.

    Results: Stock Battery - just under 3 hrs
    Chinese Battery - right at 5 hrs


    I think that hw 002 has issues with sleeping while 4g and GPS radios are on. Further, hw 004 shows that leaving 4g and GPS on have minimal affect on awake time.

    I posted this hoping that someone may have a fix for hw 002 in regards to 4g and GPS radios having a detrimental affect on battery life. Or, maybe HTC fixed the issue in the latest build and hw 002's are doomed lol.

    P.S. The kernel I am using is SBC HTC 15

    Thx for the replies and input,



  2. GrandMasterBirt

    GrandMasterBirt Well-Known Member

    For the less informed, what is hw02 vs hw04?

    Scratch that, didnt realize the phone already shows it in Settings > about > hardware info > hardware version
  3. Is it just me or is there nothing that tells us the differences you experienced between the two hw versions? I get that awake time was different, but by how much? The rest seems to compare batteries (Chinese vs stock). The differences would have to be pretty significant for me to take notice. There are a lot of factors between two phones that could cause smaller differences in battery life.
  4. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

  5. mikebgb4

    mikebgb4 Newbie
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    I was rereading my post and i can see how it may be vague and misleading. Sorry about that. I have more definitive information as of my recent short test. Same ROM and kernel

    Test Parameters

    2 evo's 1 HW 002 1 HW 004

    Radios on Bluetooth GPS 4G

    Results-- Awake Time -----Uptime ---- Battery Pct Left

    HW 002---- 59:53 ------- 2:16:51 -------- 84%

    HW 004---- 11:05 --------2:16:51 ------- 100%

    Update: I isolated the reason for the big difference in uptime. A while back, I had changed my Wimax settings on my HW 002. Wimax_Idle_Sleep is default 10s on HW 004, it was set at 300s on HW 002. So with 4g on hw 002 it was taking longer to sleep, hence the longer awake times.

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