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Battery life decreased since upgrade to 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jodim, May 26, 2010.

  1. jodim

    jodim Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else noticed a decrease in battery life since doing the upgrade?? My battery dies in the middle of the day everyday now and i barely use it during the day when I am at work?!

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  2. ecooke21

    ecooke21 Newbie

    absolutely... definite decrease.. I originally flashed a different kernal, and battery life was pretty good..but this 2.1 definitely fuked it..
  3. kiddk1

    kiddk1 Android Enthusiast

    mine actually increased
  4. androidgynous

    androidgynous Newbie

    decrease by about 30%
  5. Podar

    Podar Newbie

    Mine actually increased exponentially since the upgrade and I added the latest joeykrim-SDX kernel. You can custom add what theme, root, etc, and remove what stock apps you want to. The link is below. Follow directions...too easy.

    Battery life went from 3-5 hours to a charge lasting almost 2 days.

    [Kernel - DE03] joeykrim-SDX - v2.0.3!!! - May 25th 2010
  6. thepinkc

    thepinkc Well-Known Member

    I have an increase in battery life. With regular use (surfing the web, sending emails, texting, listening to music) my battery lasts 12-13 hours.
  7. GodCountryND

    GodCountryND Member

    EDIT: Found it thanks.
  8. cephraim

    cephraim Well-Known Member

    Is this a root procedure?
    Or, can this be done on top of the official 2.1 release?
  9. duratime

    duratime Android Enthusiast

    I almost positive it can be done on top of the official 2.1 release with the old SW updater. This is a super quick, lose no data (no need to reinstall all your crap), flash. I have been getting exceptional battery life using it compared to the stock 2.1. You can add it in a few different ways, I simply added the .tar file to the SW updater (old version), and have had no issues. I had the 0.5, 2.0, versions and now the 2.03. I'm sure Joey will continue to improve it, but even if he doesn't I'm happy with what I'm using.
  10. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    My battery life is much better after the upgrade. Make sure you aren't comparing stock to DE03 to a custom 1.5 kernel though.
  11. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Android Enthusiast

    I guess I need to try Joey's kernal because my Battery is horrible now...
  12. Prince Muzic

    Prince Muzic Newbie

    I actually notice a serious decrease too! I get about eight hours from six in the morning and then I can practically hear it begging to be charged. But perhaps that is in part due to the widgets i have running.

    Sent from my SPH-M900 using Tapatalk
  13. musikat

    musikat Well-Known Member

    worse, here too! I was getting around 12 hours (till dying) before the upgrade now I am lucky to get 8. I did have one day it seemed better but the next day was bad again. The only thing I did was try installing the Dolphin browser. As I was trying to set it up and use it I could literally see my battery depleting rapidly so I uninstalled and am using the stock browser for now. I have also tried with and without ATK and it does seem to help some.
  14. PNGUIN

    PNGUIN Lurker

    definitely noticed decrease in battery life. went from 12 hours to about 5-6 hours after 2.1
  15. cfrogue

    cfrogue Lurker

    Go to Setting > About Phone > Battery Useage. Anything informative there?

    My battery is about the same. Maybe a little bit worse.
  16. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    mine has decreased a lot since 2.1 i used to get a solid 24 hours off one charge on cl14. now it's far less, around 10 hours with moderate use. joey's kernal has helped, specially with numus' battery code, but it's still worst than before. but it's still very usable so no big complaints.
  17. GodCountryND

    GodCountryND Member

    If anyone is having battery issues install Joeys kernal ASAP! This is insane good battery life so far. I installed this yesterday, and then charged all night. I have had the phone off the charger for 2 hours now and have been on twitter, facebook, sent some texts, talked on the phone for about 10 mins, checked older voicemail and Spare parts is still showing 100 percent battery. Before Joey's kernal i would have been at 80 percent with the same use.

    I am so glad I did this!

    Edit: And that is with livewallpapers!
  18. Michaelad

    Michaelad Newbie

    I installed this yesterday and my phone actually lasted till 930pm which it usually needs to be placed on the charger around 5:30 and I'm a fairly heavy user plus I was showing off the live wall paper with the little droids bouncing around? .. lol but yeah pull the trigger on the Joey K's Kernal!
  19. musikat

    musikat Well-Known Member

    Does just installing joeys kernal constite "rooting" and therefore voiding the warranty?
  20. GodCountryND

    GodCountryND Member

    You can use the custom kernal without rooting. That is what I did at the beginning. I have since rooted, but it worked fine without root.
  21. gmjlopez

    gmjlopez Well-Known Member

    I saw increased battery life with and without root! I would try Joey's custom kernal but I have Wifi tethering kernal now and not sure how that would effect my tethering.
  22. NotPortlyNJ

    NotPortlyNJ Newbie

    I tried following his directions. I get a message signature verification failed. Installation aborted when it tries to install the update.zip file.
  23. GodCountryND

    GodCountryND Member

    Do you have a custom recovery installed? You cant run the update.zip with the stock recovery tool.
  24. NotPortlyNJ

    NotPortlyNJ Newbie

    OK. I guess from his custom download site, I need to create an update.zip with just the custom recovery, apply it, then create another one with the new kernel?
  25. GodCountryND

    GodCountryND Member

    What I did to get the custom recovery was download the custom recovery tar from sdx and flash that using Sprints tool. Once that is on there you can root or whatever you want via recovery. Sorry I dont have the link to the tar, but Im sure you can find it on this forum somewhere.

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