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Battery life has become extremely poor

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smithey253, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. smithey253

    smithey253 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have had my HTC Hero since launch and have had no problems whatsoever :eek:

    However, over the past week or so, the battery life for the phone has been gradually declining and how now got to a point where a full charge lasts around 8 hours, definately not the amount it should be.

    My question is, how do I go about getting this repaired? Do I contact my contract provider (Orange UK) or the phones manufacturer? Its definately still under guarantee as the phone is not even a year old yet :thinking:

  2. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member

    first make sure that you dont have GPS, wifi, bluetooth, 'enable mobile always on' options turned on. Also use something like advanced task killer to make sure you dont have some application open all the time which drains your battery life.

    Without all those things turned on your phone should last about 3 days. the main drainer is the 'enable always on' option. When i turned that off i went from 8 hours to 3 days without a charge!

    If all of that is off, then yeah contact orange who will probably get in touch with HTC (remember all products come with a 2 year warranty by law..)
  3. smithey253

    smithey253 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Those were the first things I checked. I turned off "always on" a few days after I got the phone to help boost the battery that little bit more. No wifi, bt or gps were on and I reset the phone before I charged it so that no programmes were running until I checked it this morning.

    I have sent an email to the support people at HTC and will try contacting Orange about it later. Hopefully it will just be a rubbish battery and that will be the end of it :)
  4. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    "Spare Parts" app helped me to identify who is draining my battery out. Try that one.
  5. smithey253

    smithey253 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded this and there are no major apps running that are draining battery. Nothing is different to what i had a few weeks ago when the battery was fine.

    Im sure its the hardware and not the software making the battery so poor
  6. andy d

    andy d Android Enthusiast

    Let us know how you get on with orange.
    I've had the phone since august and only in the last two weeks the battery has started to drain quickly.

    And yes I've done all the checks.
  7. kakabobo

    kakabobo Newbie

    i had also suffer battery draining issue after installing Lock2.0.
    once remove everything back to normal.
  8. NOVA

    NOVA Lurker

    I'm charging my phone pretty much every second day...I was told that this is normal with a smartphone with moderate usage. If there is heavy usage, I was told that the battery sometime won't even get through the day.

    This is my first smartphone and I'm having a tough time with the battery life since I'm so used to the old fashioned charge once, maybe twice, a week phone. LOL.
  9. UsedRomantic

    UsedRomantic Newbie

  10. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member

    to be honest im not sure myself either. I have been searching everywhere for an answer and no one seems to know. All i know is that it drains your battery very very fast. And even though i have it turned off everything works. I think it has to do with synching your mail etc. But all that still works for me..
  11. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

  12. mez

    mez Well-Known Member

    This always on option.

    What is it and where is it. What am I looking for to check the status of mine?
  13. smithey253

    smithey253 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I believe it allows the phone to continuously update itself without the users permission

    With it disabled, the twitter client can only refresh when you make it refresh etc
  14. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    This option enables us whether we need to have 3G/data connection always connected/enabled or not. To understand clearly, if

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