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Battery life is awful - ZTE Zmax Pro

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yknujssab, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. SoftballAng

    SoftballAng Lurker

    I bought my ZTE ZMax Pro about a month or so ago and was extremely pleased with it for the first two or three weeks. Now the battery is so horrible I'm having to charge it three times during the day, even while I'm at work and not on my phone at all!! I don't have bluetooth, wireless, etc. running and certainly don't have time to be playing on my phone when I'm working. I've cleared the cache several times, don't have background apps running, or do anything else other than check a few texts during the day. My battery is 100% in the morning, but by lunch it's down in the teens. I'm extremely disappointed in the phone and all of the glitches I've experienced in the past couple of weeks (like a text message getting sent fifteen to twenty times in a row, or a voice message suddenly appearing when my phone didn't ring, plus it running very hot when I'm on a phone call). Based on the research and reviews, I bought the ZTE ZMax Pro with positive thoughts. Now I would not recommend it to anyone and am sorely disappointed with my purchase.

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  2. asianrocker

    asianrocker Android Enthusiast

    Looks like you're doing the right thing except you did not say what setting you have on screen brightness. Because that also kills battery really fast. And do you also have battery saver on?

    Make sure you set brightness to 0 when not using it, and display is not set to never die or off. I put my display setting to after 15 sec.
  3. TheToddDroid

    TheToddDroid Newbie

    My battery life on my old phone was awful, I was so happy when I upgraded and solved that problem. Sorry you're having this issue!
  4. yknujssab

    yknujssab Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Arghhhh, the battery life fluctuates so much. There are days that the battery is great. Other days, like today, it is just horrid. I unplugged my phone this morning and only had the screen on for about 5 minutes then laid it down, with the screen off. Picked it up later and saw that it was down to 86%. Makes no sense whatsoever. Very frustrating trying to figure it out.

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  5. yknujssab

    yknujssab Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What the hell. Freaking battery!!!!!!

    Not running anything and the battery is just diving.

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  6. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

    Yikes. Click on App usage in Gsam and which app is using the most battery?
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  7. yknujssab

    yknujssab Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'll check it out tomorrow. What I did today was wiped the cache partition thru recovery, then rebooted. Charged up the phone for a bit and it seems to be draining slower.
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  8. J Occeus

    J Occeus Lurker

    If you switch your cellular network under settings from 4G or 4G LTE to 2G your battery life will not drain as bad. Using 2G cellular network enable my phone to operate for almost 2 days. Use 4GLTE only when you need to do something extensive like download an app, surf the web, or fb. Later
  9. DYCE

    DYCE Lurker

    Mines keep saying reconnect for better charge I bought 2 compatible chargers and it works for a little bit and continue to say the reconnect.
    So do I buy a new phone or is there something else I can do.
    I already cleared the cache but seems no change.

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    ZMAX4EVER Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have a defective phone. Mine doesn't have any of those problems, or the ZMAX PRO's that my friends own. Battery lasts all day with heavy usage.

    Return the phone and get a replacement.
  11. Me to I can't play games with to fingers it will stop I don't understand I need help
  12. Me to I can't play games with to fingers it will stop I don't understand I need help
  13. Can anyone help me out with this problem when I play games on my zte-zmax-pro-1325049 I can't play with to fingers only one I have to restart the phone and it works sometimes help
  14. Stevenrb11

    Stevenrb11 Lurker

    This is my zmax pro

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