Battery Life on latest leak


I have to tell you, I am getting hella better battery life out of the leaked update versus 1.5 on the Hero. I am sitting at 1.5 days since last charged, and am at 50% battery. On the old firmware, I am possibly close to dead at this point. I wonder if the native support in 2.1 for the Sprint network is making that large a difference, or if wiping the phone somehow purged an energy guzzler from my machine.

Whatever it is, I wondered if anyone else who updated is noticing a similar gain in battery longevity.


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Yea 27% after 2 days with no charge means you must be using it like an oldschool Nokia =p

I haven't noticed any real change in battery life but I'm ok with it, I charge every night, my phone is usually around 25-35% when I do.


lol oldschool NOKIA.

Dude I had some sick polyphonics on my nokia...LOL. Snake was da bomb too!

Sorry not trying to jack a thread. I have the pre leak 2.1 and battery life is good. I just installed Seven email (work version) It runs in the background and is eating up battery awake time around 90%. So looks like I'll have to unistall it. Really wish I could get it to work and sleep.


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i'm on my phone a lot reading emails and viewing websites and sending out god knows how many texts a day. i just seem to have a good battery