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Battery life / Ringers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by expletiveinserted, May 24, 2010.

  1. expletiveinserted

    Thread Starter

    Two questions:

    1) After reading several reviews, it seems that in 4G areas/use the battery lasts about a half to full day. This is very concerning to me especially since I'm in a 4G area and would like to take advantage of it. Has anyone had experience with the phone in a 4G market and used 4G heavily in 1 day?

    2) Are the ringers loud in addition to the speakerphone? Can you hear the phone ring at its highest setting on a busy street? I had an iphone 1st gen and even with the ringer at its highest volume, I'd miss a lot of calls.

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  2. rockman1117

    rockman1117 Member

    I think the some of the reviews said that changing between 4g/3g caused the battery drain; constantly switching radios on and off cause issues. If you have good 4g coverage, I think the battery is very good but that is just subjective though...
  3. Michael.

    Michael. Newbie

    Also about the ringers, is there a setting for it to be vibrating as it rings as well? Or vibrate then ring?
  4. That's what I was wondering as well. On a side note, coming from a Windows phone, it uses profiles to set ringer and vibrate. For example, I use three profiles, one that has ringer and notifications set to just ring at the highest volume. Another for when I'm at work or in a meeting, that has everything vibrate only. Another for when I'm outside or somewhere loud, that has everything ring at the highest volume AND vibrate. How does this work with Android? From what I've seen, you can have a widget to turn the vibrate on or off, but it looks like the volume for ringers and notifications are all separate and need to be controlled from deep in the settings menu. I would love a quick way to do what I said.
  5. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    i honestly don't understand all the concerns about the battery. unless you're a shepherd, aren't you by a plug at some point during the day? a computer? car?

    i was worried about the pre's battery issues, and, yeah; it drains like a tub, but i've never once was unable to plug it in at some point during the day.

    edit: this isn't a critique of the op's post; just a general question to anybody who's worried about the battery.

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