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Battery Life - what's yours like?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by techno12, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. techno12

    techno12 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Handy tip about setting it to 2G only. I'm finding that Vodafone's 3G coverage isn't as good as 3's where I am and a lot of the time I get the dreaded 'no bars and white cross' when the phone's set to auto. Switching it to GSM-only always gets me a signal in those cases..

    ..back on topic - the 1500mah Hong Kong cheapo spare battery arrived today and it's currently in my phone. First impressions are good - it did appear to take longer to charge fully and it hasn't dramatically died or anything. I'll know how it compares to the proper battery this weekend when I'm out and about with the phone surfing etc. If it lasts significantly longer than the proper one I'll keep it in the phone..

  2. smart_user

    smart_user Lurker

    I got a Legend 4 days back. Even with 3g, wifi, gps in off mode with no push mails etc..just with normal surfing and phone browsing the battery is draining very fast.

    With a full 8 hr charge it consumes around 15% battery life to download a 2 mb app from market.

    Also it is warming up a bit when continuously or excessively used.

    With screen on i am barely getting 5-6 hrs of life with moderate use.

    Would be great if sum1 can suggest sumthing on this?
  3. techno12

    techno12 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    No one gets 5-6 hrs of continuous screen use! Unless you can confirm that? I get around 3. Every time.

    I've just been out this evening with my new cheapo HongKong battery and it's way better than the original. Been using the screen for 2hrs 10mins and it's down to 40%, and that's with the wi-fi being on for 40 mins (due to me trying out Juice Defender and not realising that it switched on my wi-fi!), and some GPS action.

    I'm going to do some proper battery life tests this weekend with the GPS app I've just downloaded, as I can set it to keep the screen on permanently while it's running, so I will charge each one up full and leave this app running and time when it dies. The screen is using 80-90% of my battery usage so it's a valid test for me at least.
  4. smart_user

    smart_user Lurker

    Well here's battery stat..currently at 13% and after switchin on after a full 8 hr rechrge:

    Up time : 32 hr 52 min
    Awake Time : 5hr 14 min

    Display: 42% - 4hr 14 min
    Cell Standby: 1d8h35m 23%
    Voice Call : 19% 20m12s
    Phone Idle: 1d4h21m 12%
    Maps: 2% 4m12s
    Buzz: 2% 3m19s

    (All auto synce updats off and with no gps, wifi, 3g)

    If anyone can comment on above batteru life? In all the review it is said that with heavy usage the battery should last aroumd 8 hrs.

    Is phone getting warm for u guys? I noticed while browsinf the net the temperature of battery goes as high as 40 deg C.
  5. techno12

    techno12 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks - you're the first person to reply with actual stats instead of "mine lasts for days!" ;-)

    Now I'm a bit worried, as your screen usage is way over 4 hours. My batt today is down to 30% after 2hr 10mins continuous web browsing (no wifi, no gps, 3G enabled) and the screen is 81% of that. And that's using the better 'HongKong cheapo' battery as well - yes, it may be a crap battery that decays alarmingly after a few charges, but even the proper battery never lasted more than 3hrs.

    So how the hell you're getting 4+ I'll never know!

    Have you changed the display brightness from 'auto'?
  6. jc3869

    jc3869 Newbie

    I have recently purchased a aftermarket battery for the Legend.
    It`s a 1500 mA compared to the standard 1350 mA & lasts longer.
    I purchased it on eBay for
  7. Dog_chops

    Dog_chops Member

    Just ordered two of the baby's as part of a package with a charger so I will then have three batts which is a bit over the top, so if anyone wants one of the 1500 mA ones send me a message.
  8. bounce

    bounce Lurker

    I have owned my Legend for nearly a month now & I find the battery lasts between 36 & 48 hours depending on usage, it stays on overnight but with wifi & mobile internet turned of from about 23.00 until 07.00.
  9. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    If you guys aren't already doing so, it may be worth looking at, and comparing, stats provided by the phone after typing in:

  10. By adding a wi-fi and mobile internet widget to the home screen you can save battery-life dramatically by only activating the internet when needed.

    It's also useful to add an airoplane widget for when you do not wish to accept calls or texts.

    Last charge was yesterday about 8am. It is now 10pm tonight.

    Current battery status:

    Battery level is on level 3 (out of 10)

    Up time: 73:55:10
    Awake time: 9:13:30

    Cell standby: 46%
    Display: 30%
    Voice calls: 15%
    Phone idle: 9%
  11. Here is a follow up from yesterday (the post above)...

    My Legend has still not been charged since the 17th at 8AM, and it is now the 19th at 6.30PM.

    Current battery status:

    Battery level is on level 1 (out of 10)

    Up time: 94:15:43
    Awake time: 10:53:30

    Cell standby: 40%
    Display: 32%
    Voice calls: 14%
    Phone idle: 12%
    Wi-Fi: 2%
  12. Curnsie

    Curnsie Newbie

    Terrible! I charge everyday. I've closed all widgets - bluetooth, wifi, and GPS are always off unless needed, screen brightness is at 20% - in an attempt to improve life. According to the battery use history, the screen uses over 80% of the power.
  13. Martin L

    Martin L Member

    Mine's not been charged for 17.5hrs and it's only dropped one bar.
    Ok not had much use today, bluetooth connection for the 45 min commute to work, a couple of texts and emails and that's it.
    What I'm doing now is actaully turning off the wifi when I'm not using the phone.
    Before with the wifi left on overnight it would take around 4-5 bars off the charge. Now with it off it doesn't use any charge at all.
    Mine is constantly on 3G too.
  14. valdovas

    valdovas Lurker

    At the moment is 37% after 3d 0h 22 min.

    It is after my 4th charge. First charges were quite short, but after 3 charges it started to work longer.
    It is in total economic mode and I don't use any soft(juice defender) to expand battery time - no internet(thats awful), no radio, no wifi just talking(few hours) and sms'n(~40), taking some photos.

    I made some tweaks in phone menu like GMS only, no orientation

    This is a test for a maximum battery time in case of camping, so going out for a weekend where is no AC power in low power mode with Legend will do just fine.(if cell signal won't be very low)

    33% cell standby
    30% Voice call
    19% Idle
    18% Display.
  15. kebhow

    kebhow Guest

    Since I'm mostly home I charge my phone all the time, i don't wait for it to get to 10% or around that. But I'm getting just as bad battery life as you people are... Some Normal usage and suddelny it decreased rapidly... and anyway, what is Up Time and Awake Time supposed to tell you? I;m a newbie so I don't really understand what that is...
  16. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

    Different phone, but this answer still likely applies: http://androidforums.com/htc-evo-4g/94339-up-time-vs-awake-time.html
  17. starlinguk

    starlinguk Lurker

    My battery life wasn't great to start with, but it improved over time. Now it's suddenly dropped significantly and I have *no* idea why.

    Just switched everything off (data, wi-fi, autosynch, etc), wandered off for half an hour, came back, checked battery status, and noticed it'd dropped a bar. Why why why? :headdesk:

    ETA: fully charged last night, screen has been on for 30 minutes, no calls or texts, battery is now at 60%.
  18. noiseless

    noiseless Lurker

    It was exactly the same thing with my Legend two weeks after I bought it. I even thought the battery is faulty or something. I installed Juice Defender and now the phone lasts almost 3 days for calls and texts only! I still don't know what caused the huge battery drain, though.
    Anyway, I am thinking of back up battery - any info about this one?
    [HLI-LegendXL] Buy Mugen Power Extended Battery for HTC Legend BB00100 1800mAh
  19. ajithjagadish

    ajithjagadish Lurker

    Hello Everyone,

    I am privileged and proud to be a HTC Legend owner! Bought the phone 4days ago, initially the battery backup was very poor... Also I was using Task Manager... And as suggested by one of the users I have installed Juice defender and uninstalling task manager.. I do not know if thats the reason for improved battery backup but this is the battery status after 2hours of edge, 45minutes radio, 10-20minutes of wi-fi, 5minutes of buletooth, 10-15minutes of camera, 15-20minutes of robo defense:

    Battery level is on level 3 (out of 10)

    Up time: 17:23:43
    Awake time: 6:10:30


    Voice calls: 61%
    Display: 22%
    Cell standby: 11%
    Phone idle: 6%
  20. zappa420

    zappa420 Newbie

    ive had my phone on for 2days 12hours before, now i dont get that kind of life everyday, but if usage is down to minimal, i can get up to 3 days with it.
    but usually i charge it everynight
  21. ivan0201

    ivan0201 Lurker

    1.5 days to 3 days for me, depending on usaging.
  22. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    I've been using Azure 1.0 on my Legend.

    In case anyone is wondering what battery life is like on this ROM [I know I wanted to know before I decided to run it...] :

    I've just got the best usage for this ROM in terms of battery life, since I started using it [0.5].

    I haven't gone for Azure 1.0.1, and have stuck to 1.0 as I didn't have any APN issues...


    Voice calls = 1hr 3m 15s + SMSing
    WiFi = 6hr 46m 46s
    For the hours that WiFi was not on, Data [H/3G] was always enabled.
    Approx 1hr 45min of browsing
    Approx 10 emails received and replied to

    Battery life was pretty poor when I first installed the ROM.
    Then I used SetCPU to help....but it didn't seem to help too much...:rolleyes:
    Now I am seeing better battery life, like the above.

    No idea if this is good/bad for this ROM, but for me, its the best I've seen yet....

    ...though still probably not as good as I first saw on the stock ROM before the update which messed up the stock SMS app was pushed out...
  23. Lord Qwerty

    Lord Qwerty Lurker

    My Legend lasts a day of pretty much anything. Thoigh I have a replaced battery
  24. Sarahnya

    Sarahnya Newbie

    Let me know if you get it as I am thinking of getting one myself.
  25. Had my Legend for a few months now, build quality is very good except for the plastic antenna/battery cover falling off, but as a phone it sucks. I use a phone for voice calls for work and for example today at 4pm the battery died after being charged over night till 7.30am. Thats with 3g turned off screen down low, gps off, wifi off, bluetooth off, data off. Whats smart about that? I have tried juice defender and task manager apps, to be honest the whole experience has reminded me of being on 3 when they first started out with a nec 606. Just moved to Vodafone from 3 after hearing all the guff about the strongest network and android rocks. It takes a good 3-4 minutes for my phone to switch from 2g to 3g, why? Why oh why did I junk my nokia e71? Close the app when you have finished with it, my n95 of 4 years ago did every single thing the legend does except have a touchscreen. Sorry if this goes against the grain but it is my experience with the phone, the software and the network.

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