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Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rousea, May 19, 2011.

  1. rousea

    rousea Lurker
    Thread Starter

    [/FONT] I am very pleased with my Xperia X8 in all respects except battery life. I find it only lasts 24 hours, instead of the two weeks they claimed:

    I upgraded from an LG KP500 mainly because I was unhappy with its battery life of typically 2 - 3 days. SonyEriccson specified the standby time for the X8 as 'up to 446 hours' or over two weeks. However, I find the life to be just over 24 hours. I could accept a life of perhaps half that specified, but I think 6% is unacceptable.

    I rang the SonyEriccson helpdesk and they said the phone may be faulty, so I returned it to them. They sent it back saying no fault found, but they had upgraded the firmware. This made no difference so I rang them again and was told that I should expect a life of 1 - 2 days. I was told that the specified life is under ideal conditions, with no apps installed, perfect reception and no usage. I said that I hadn't installed any apps, and I live in an area of good reception. I can leave it for 24 hours with no display usage, no wireless networks enabled and no incoming or outgoing calls, then find only 20% left inthe battery. The 'Battery Use' indicator shows about 50% Cell Standby and 50% Phone Idle.

    I have tried installing apps like JuiceDefender and JuicePlotter, but they make no difference.

    I then reported the fault to VirginMobile (who supplied the phone) and they first suggested I had a faulty battery so sent a replacement. This made no difference so they sent a replacement phone, which again made no difference. I eventually concluded that the real life is only 24 hours.

    I felt SonyEriccson is mis-selling the phone by giving misleading and unrealistic specifications, so I reported the matter to the Advertising Standards Authority. SonyEriccson gave them the same story they gave me, which they accepted. However, I see that SonyEriccson have now modified the specification on their website Sony Ericsson - Corporate - Products - Phoneportfolio - Specification - Xperia? X8 to delete all reference to battery life. It is, however, still given on the VirginMobile website Sony Ericsson X8 Handset Contract Handset - Pay monthly contract phones - Virgin Mobile, and other websites such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 - Full phone specifications, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 specs - Phone Arena, Specifications - Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 - Sony Ericsson - Mobile phone reviews | Mobile phone contracts - Which? Mobile and Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (E15i) - Complete Specifications - The Phone Database.

    Does everyone have the same short battery life as me? Can anyone suggest a means of increasing it?

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  2. EvrStngNevDwn

    EvrStngNevDwn Newbie

    HI dude,
    My X8 last 2 days with normal 3D gaming and light surfing using Wifi. but i dont open wifi all the time. im not sure about the stock OS coz i changed to custom ROM version after 2 days i bought .
    also, SE didn't delete the record yet... u can see it in performance section on the link you show.
  3. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    Are you using stock ROM or have you been flashing any different ones ?
  4. unban007

    unban007 Lurker

    the question is .. how long did you charge your phone??? anyone can answer this .. and what's the standard charging ??
  5. gabeyong

    gabeyong Android Enthusiast


    If you are using a smartphone 2 days is considered very good batt life. By the way... no phone on Earth can last 2 weeks no matter what the adverts say.
    All my smartphones (including iPhone 4) on average last 48 hours moderate usage.

    If you want your phone batteries to last longer than 48 hours you should consider a non smartphone. My son's Nokia 6300 can easily last 5 days on a single charge.

    cheers :)
  6. fabatzz

    fabatzz Lurker

    Hi :)
    I own X8 about 2 weeks and it lasts about 24-36 hrs...with playing games, internet, Facebook and stuff like that ^^

    Sry 4 cutting quote :p
  7. fabatzz

    fabatzz Lurker

    First 2-3 charings should be longer then 12 hrs...that's what I heard, did that way, and think that for battery of 1200 mAh 24-26 hrs of constant usage is well long life...correct me if I'm wrong :) ^^
  8. evil nemesis

    evil nemesis Newbie

    same issue here, I think wiping your battery stats in xrecovery and then let it drain and finally charge it for at least 12 Hours without intretption . Will try it myself first then I will post the results,

    p.s also install advanced task killer, battery status and root your phone to remove pre-installed applications, and using advanced task killer kill all application which you don't use.. and finally :

    Set the brightness to 40%
    Bacground Data = off
    wifi = off
    bluetooth = off
    data traffic = off

    Hope it helps...

    Edit :

    okay this is to finally confirm that after removing spotify from my phone ; (you won’t believe what i’m gonna say)
    I charged it on this friday @ 1400
    and it’s Tuesday 0135 now
    and my battery is exactly 28% (I use battery indicator app)
    believe me it’s really happening, and ya I used wifi for 2 hours + surfing + 1 video song etc etc since friday..
    all I did was install Titanium backup (rooted phone here) and then remove few applications (stock) within them was spotify , now my phone works just like my w910 (in battery perspective)
    after that I ran xrecovery then choose wipe battery status, and till tomorrow or the day after tomorrow when my battery totally drains , I will recharge it for atleast 12 hours continuously …. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Thanks to www.xperia-x8.com and XDA + Android Forums for some tips, otherwise I woudn’t be able to do this..
    Happy Xperia Life
  9. caer_ayu

    caer_ayu Lurker

    i use my w995 battery on my x8

    it may cause a little lag ..couse x8 battery are 3.7v and w995 3.6v

    but ..damn !!!!!! ...it last longer than x8 battery ...trust me

    it worked !!

    i dont know if other battery can be ported to x8 :p
  10. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    i had experience with bad battery life on my X8, using wifi and light usage, i got about 75% after 2 hours! then i noticed, i charged my phone when it had like 20% of juice in it still.. The next day i let it drain out till 6%, then charged it till its full, about 8-10 hours ( until the battery icon shows full, without a lightning icon on it ) and battery life was back to normal, could last 2 days with wifi on 75% of the time..

    Here's a tip: only charge your phone when it says low battery, the lower the better..
    charging when it still has juice will result in short battery life..

    BTW im using stock 2.1..

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