Battery Life...


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How has it been for you?

Pretty excellent for me...seems to drop about 10% every 2 hours with light to moderate use (at home with wifi/bt on).

Battery life was the main reason I went with the x2 over the thunderbolt (based on the x1's reported battery). So far, i'm pleased.

This is with performance mode enabled under battery mode, so I can only assume it could get better if i used one of the battery saver modes.


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Good so far. Is only showing 10% intervals on battery indicators a Motorola thing? My Eris showed percentage changes in 1% increments.

Battery life on this phone is great and probably even better if rooted...


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Thread starter original droid only showed 10% increments.

5.5 hours off the charger and i'm at 80%...that's with texting/emailing/and streaming music from the amazon cloud (over wifi) for the past 90 mininutes.


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Contrary to people assuming the Tegra 2 eats more power than single cores, it is the opposite. Tegra 2 is both more powerful and more power efficient than the 8655 in the Inc 2, Rev and TB.


Battery life seems pretty good. Its been off the charger 6 & 1/2 hours of fairly regular use installing apps, surfing etc... for a good portion of it and I am now at 66%.


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Wife went all day (starting at 7AM) off charger, at work where the lack of a good 3G signal (lots of hunting) just used to eat her Blackberry battery alive, and at 9:00 PM she had about 40% left. Really great performance in very trying conditions.
Only time I see my battery drop is when I play Angry Birds for an hour. Otherwise with Push e-mail (5 accounts in K9), gmail, sync, WiFi and Bluetooth running It makes it through the day without issue.


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Where are you guys finding the % of battery life left? I cant find it anywhere. Its not under battery usage like that driod X is.


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So after my 1st full charge, heres what I got.

1st 5-6 hours, of heavy use, downloaded 15 or so apps, played games, played around on the phone constantly, emails, settings, surfing, facebook, txts, playing with apps, etc. Next 5-6 was light use, txting, emails, some light gaming... next 5 or so hours was more moderate use, downloaded some more apps, played in the settings, emails, txts, games, surf, emails, etc.

Right at the 17 hour mark, i was down to 10%.

This was on performance mode.

17 hours is amazing to me, coming from my D2, which would of been down to 10% after 5-6 hours of use.

So, after 1st full day of using it, im pretty happy.