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Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Submariner70, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Submariner70

    Submariner70 Member
    Thread Starter

    I am looking for some way or an app to help with my battery life on my Droid Incredible. I am not a heavy duty user by any means.

    I have tried ATK, Turbo Droid, Juice Defender, none have seemed to make a difference. Maybe I didn't have them configured correctly, but I think I'm pretty good with those things....

    I have been through all the standard turn off GPS/Wifi/3G, Brightness, etc. I've been trying to use an auto wifi app for when I am home so I have some type of data connection while at home so as to not have my 3G on.

    Nothing seems to have made it better. I keep my 3G and GPS off all day UNLESS I need to use them then I turn them right off.
    I'm about at wits end with this and almost ready to just turn it in for an iPhone. All the people I know with one says by far battery life outlasts mine. I can't be attached to a charger half the day. And if I were to play music, pandora, etc on my phone, forget it! The battery would drain significantly faster.

    Verizon Droid Incredible v2.2 non rooted

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  2. Stuntman

    Stuntman Android Expert

    Can you please, describe what you typically use your phone for throughout the day? That would give us an idea of what may be using your battery.

    Without knowing anything of your typical usage, I can only suggest you check if you have any apps that polls for updates such as email or news readers. If they poll for updates periodically, it will drain your battery faster.
  3. ambientdroid

    ambientdroid Well-Known Member

    I recommend downloading spare parts from the market. it gives you some really useful stats for figuring out why your battery is draining.
  4. Submariner70

    Submariner70 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have my 3G off all day, GPS off all day. Basically texting and some calls. Not too too heavy on the texting but I do a good bit of it. I have all the updating for news and weather down to the minimum possible or manual, Facebook off, Yahooo IM offj, hardle ever use internet, never use Pandora a stream music or movies. This is my second Inc. I've even done a factory reset..
    Basically being that I have my 3G data off I wouldn't think it would be doing much.
    I run NetQin Andrdoid Booster to help but doesn't seem to do much.
    What other info would you need me to pass on to ya? I'm at a loss with this.

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