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Hey guys, my battery life of my Dinc 2 hasnt bothered me until one of my friends pointed out to me that i charge me phone 2-3 times a day. I am going to list things i do on a regular basis and i would like suggestions please.

I wake up every morning around 8 and turn on my phone and unplug it from the charger. It is usually at 100% or 95%. I surf the web for about a half hour and notice that my battery is at 85% already. My brightness is at 11% and i am not txting or calling. The screen timeout is at 45 seconds for when i get up ro do something. I turn off my mobile network and plug it in while its on. I unplug it around 10ish and for the rest of the day i usually txt at a moderate level. The mobile network is off, unless i turn it off to look up something, but after that i turn off the network. Around 12 i notice that after two hours unplugged its at 65%.

Any suggestions please?

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Use the tips in the Sticky like mentioned above. I am seriously jealous about how much better my wife's battery is in her Incredible 2 vs my original Incredible. I don't think she has had to charge it more than just overnight since the first couple days of her owning it.


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You can root the phone. I'm getting better battery life with the Miui Rom and Tiamat kernel then I did when the phone was stock.
I am seeing at least 24hr of normal use.