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Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by okbeast, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. okbeast

    okbeast Member
    Thread Starter

    Care to share what external charger you got?

    I'm originally from Duncan, OK. Small world

  2. SoonerDad

    SoonerDad Lurker

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  3. adien666

    adien666 Member

    Can you please post a link to the battery you bought? thanks
  4. razholio

    razholio Well-Known Member

    Now that is some very interesting information. I've often wondered if the fault with the wildly differing battery drain stories were the result of the device, the battery or just human subjectivity making us all measure something different. I've always leaned towards the devices behaving differently in different areas (wireless coverage), and with different apps/configurations. This, however, would point towards either the simple cheap-ass Lipo batteries as being the problem (and this is reasonable considering the wide range in quality with this part.) or the metering system in the phone inaccurately reporting battery levels.

    There is some prior evidence for the later with people seeing big improvements after doing full discharge/recharge cycles on their batteries, as well as factory resets on their devices. I can say that in my own experience I've noticed improvements in battery performance within the first month of owning the device even after accounting for greater use after first receiving the device. I use data monitor widget to track battery drain and check out the rate of drain when the device is in stand-by and this controls for actual usage.

    one thing to keep in mind is that overcharging a Lipo battery is probably the worst thing you can do (I've killed them in a single charge that way.), and the phone may be a bit more conservative in this regard than a third-party external charger. Also, it's been reported that your phone will not trickle-charge once the battery is fully charged, but rather let it drain until it falls below a certain level and then re-charge it again. Because your battery isn't going to drain much at all when plugged-in, you will probably never notice this.
  5. SoonerDad

    SoonerDad Lurker

    This is the cheap battery I bought. A caveat is in order. I actually ordered two of these batteries. One of the batteries they sent me wasn't even the right part number. It was about half the physical size required. Anyway, the other battery seems to operate OK.

    Amazon.com: This Battery is 1500 mAh.: Cell Phones & Accessories
  6. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    I am confused because I have never gotten less than 24 hours out of my battery. I use my phone heavily through out the day and only charge it when it dies. I start using it around 6:30 or 7 AM and run it all day (email, text phone calls, internet, twitter and misc apps) Stop the heavy use around 8 pm. and let it sit over night. I am usually at about 15 to 20% by 8 pm and it is still at about 10% to 15% when I wake up.

    Like i mentioned, I am confused as to what is happening to all of your batteries. Did you put it through its proper charge cycles when you got it and do you do a charge cycle once a week or at least once every 2 weeks?
  7. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Android Enthusiast

    I will tell you what I did....probably NOT what we're "supposed" to do (although after reading the above article, the AT&T recommendations and the Motorola recommendations, I'm not sure ANYONE knows what we're "supposed to do for battery optimalization) but it has been great for my battery life.

    FIRST----I used the battery as it came in the phone at AT&T (about 50% if I recall) and let it go down to citical---less than 5%. I then charged the phone overnight, leaving the phone ON.

    NEXT----I used the phone for about 5 days and charged it every night, overnight, leaving the phone ON regardless of what the charge was reading at the time I went to sleep.

    THIRD----I let the phone drain all the way down to critical AGAIN and charged overnight with the phone ON.

    FINALLY----I let the phone drain down to critical and turned the phone OFF and charged it for a couple hours after it said "100%" on the meter. I did this 2 TIMES.

    I unplugged the phone at 10:45 pm on Novemebr 14th. I STILL have more than 20% left on the battery. Tonight, I will turn the phone OFF and charge it again for an hour or two AFTER it says "100%" charge and then turn it on again and won't charge the phone until it gets to 10-20% charge.

    I think 36-48 hours on a single charge is pretty decent for a phone battery.
  8. okbeast

    okbeast Member
    Thread Starter

    That is very impressive. Mine seems to be doing a ton better now too. I let it do another full drain (0%) then did a full charge + a few hours. I now have around 30-50% after a full 16 hour day of moderate use. I charge it every night regardless and leave it on and plugged in the entire night.
  9. Pilgrimtozion

    Pilgrimtozion Newbie

    I had absolutely horrible battery life - could hardly make it through a day - until I let my battery drain entirely, charged it and left it plugged for 2-3 hours after being fully charged, and then repeated that process. Now I am on 30% and it has been 35 hours with light to medium use of my phone. I like it!
  10. okbeast

    okbeast Member
    Thread Starter

    Same thing on mine. I still only get 12-15 hrs out of it with very heavy use but that is expected with a mini computer.
  11. adien666

    adien666 Member

    i bought this battery and it doesnt fit!! lol
  12. manasl

    manasl Lurker

    My phone is less than a week old and I haven't conditioned it yet.
    I left the phone to charge overnight and woke up with only an 80% charge.

    Could the painfully slow charge time be due to charging by USB (in charge mode)? Or something else is up?
  13. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Android Enthusiast

    USB charge IS much slower.
  14. Pilgrimtozion

    Pilgrimtozion Newbie

    Battery life is abysmal today. Turned on automatic data push.
  15. manasl

    manasl Lurker

    I'm down to 15% battery from full charge in 5 hours. The "Device Health Application" is the culprit and apparently you cannot force-stop without apps for rooted devices.

    Any way to freeze this process without rooting? Reboots haven't helped.
  16. okbeast

    okbeast Member
    Thread Starter

    The DHA process has only showed up a few times on my phone. They definitely need to do something about it w/ an update.
  17. raypla

    raypla Lurker

    Hello my name is Ray, I just received an Atrix 2 for X-mas. I'm looking to condition or make my battery last as long as possible. Is the above procedure seems the way to go?

    My charges have been:

    1. Got it out of the box turned it on and ran it till it said ~5% put it on the charger let it charge 2 hrs beyond when it said it was full

    2. Played around till ~10% left plugged it in, on, charged it over night.

    3. worked all day, cheked email a couple times and still have ~90%

    My question is should I follow the procedures the gentleman above has or??
  18. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Android Enthusiast

    I still get 2 full days of battery life on a charge. I let the battery go down to 10% or less, turn the phone off and charge for a few hours. Turn it back on and I'm good for another 36-48 hours.

    I charged my phone Christmas night, turned it on about 3 am on the 26th and STILL show 60% charge. I am more than pleased with how long the charge lasts on my phone.
  19. Pilgrimtozion

    Pilgrimtozion Newbie

    Are these phones rooted?
  20. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Android Enthusiast

    My phone is NOT rooted.
  21. So I wasn't having many problems with my battery (around 2 months) up until today. Now, I turned it on, barely used it, and after having it on for an hour, claimed it was down to 80% (where it would usually be around 90-95%). Halfway through the day, it gave me the low battery warning at 15%. I just recently installed Go Launcher, but it shouldn't cause it to quarter- the entire battery life. Anyone else having issues now?
  22. 916x10

    916x10 Android Enthusiast

    No battery issues here. I routinely get 24-36hrs of life on a single charge with moderate useage. But on those days when i'm a hardcore user, I bought a lot of 6 oem batts/charger dock and wall charger for $20 and keep them charged and ready to go ;)
  23. okbeast

    okbeast Member
    Thread Starter

    Mine is alot better since the recent update.

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