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Hey folks. I just wanted to share my views on Android 2.3.5. Since I updated to it I have noticed a significant improvement in battery life. I am a light/moderate user and before updating I was able to reach just under 2 days of power. ( Off charge with 100% at say 7am and at 10% or less by 10-11pm the following evening with the phone on all the time and on airplane mode at night whilst acting as my trusty alarm clock.)

After I updated I assumed the new software may have to become a custom to my usage habits and settings and how i charge the phone. I appear to be correct on this as after a week of light to moderate use (texts, calls, brousing, a bit of music etc.) i charged her up last night taking her off around 3-4am (the things we do for work ) and its not 10:52pm and i still have 70% power left. The usage time is 20h 16m. yeah i didnt start using it till 6am but still 70% left after 20hrs powered up.

I am happy to share my settings and tips to anyone asking.




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just a question to you and other people that do it really, but why bother putting it in airplane mode over night instead of just plugging it in and starting the following day at 100%?


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Now that's a good question. let me mull it over.


Ok here we go...

I do it so the battery is properly charged when it needs charging and it helps the battery life in the long run if it is charged when it is almost at 0% and it also helps to charge the phone when it is off. I prefer not to over charge the phone. When i wake up the next morning and i have say 65% left i know that i will have plenty of power to see me through to the 10pm news so i dont see a need to have 100% each morning.


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I cant honestly see how. Can you find anything to back that up?

I found this.

Learn to charge properly

You might not think there is a proper way to charge your battery to get the most out of it, which is true. There are techniques rather than a proper way, which is really utilize the battery full capacity.

There is no need to always top off the battery to a full charge whenever you get a chance, rather use the battery to its fullest as in draining it from your usage then charging it back up several times. This is more of a maintenance thing for your battery to establish itself sort of and it’ll do better for your Galaxy S2 in the long run.
Fully discharge and charge the Li batteries increase it performance, new batteries are designed with smart chip on it to prevent over discharge , so you might do full discharge/charge once every month or so.