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Battery life?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by unitypunk, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wondering what we're all averaging on battery times with or without the extended battery. i think im having issues with battery life here.

    cell standby
    phone idle
    android system

    are my top three at about 35, 20, and 10 % respectivly, my tech savy friend said my screen should be up there at the top. not sure if thats true either... after a quick googling, other people have complained but maybe theyre as crazy as me....

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  2. Anas javaid

    Anas javaid Newbie

    Battery life varies in every phone, so u wont get much help here. But yes all the phones I've ever used or seen had the screen as the top battery consumer, well it's obvious as well isn't it?
  3. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    not obvious to me thanks..... so how long is your battery lasting..
  4. DaysInn

    DaysInn Newbie

    With the extended battery it never drops below 60% for 10 hours of moderate use. 120 hours stand by. using juice defender ultimate to control apps and radios. screen is using 2%, cell stand by 58%, phone idle 31%, wifi 6%, android sys 3%.
  5. Anas javaid

    Anas javaid Newbie

    Well everytime u press the power button what's the first thing that turns on? Screen. Brightness matters alot. But whatever level it is on it will be the top consumer.And it's normal as far as I think.

    My battery is quite crapy actually. It's 4to5 hrs with 3g, and 7to8hrs with wifi, but without them both just normal usage on 2g I can easily squeeze out 15to17 hrs without extended battery option
  6. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    4-5 hours is AWFULL... how can you not think something is wrong...... im getting an extra 10 hours after fixing a wakelock issue.

    and daysinn, just posted the same top three power hogs... proving these phones are out of the box doing other things instead of sleeping. my phone is "awake" for 18 mins, but the only thing ive done on it this morning was post to facebook, and answer a phone call, neither took more then 10 mins total 8(of screen time) according to betterybatterystatus.

    i want it to get to ssleep asap. not dick around when i hit the power button.
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  7. icecandi

    icecandi Lurker

    can i ask how you fixed the wakelock issue? I'm having the same prob with my husbands phone (he just got it) and ive never come across the issue on any phones before. I'm trying to not have to root it to fix it, but will if necessary...i very much appreciate any tips being a tow truck driver 5 hours of battery life with the phone off simply isnt cutting it and i know its not supposed to be doing it. wifi is off gps is off power saving mode is on...just don't know whats causing it to not sleep
  8. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    and BetterBatteryStatus, helped me nail down my culprit apps. i had to make a change inside a file because of the wakelock, and im not quite sure what it was, i know i had to have root to fix, my standard battery is running for 24h with average use daily. i have completely removed all the gzone apps( see link in my signature) all unnecessary widgets(clock, facebook updater, etc) i have 3homescreens instead of 5, with 4 widgets total (battery status, flashlight, powersaver, and power switches) i dont sync, or use wifi, and turn my bluetooth off immediately after using it.


    read that and figure out whats keeping your device awake, google the wakelock for a solution(hopefully)

    after all this ive pushed the device to 36+hours on the standard battery, without changing my use habits.

    ill upload a screenshot tonight/tomorrow morning when it hits 15%
    my graph is almost a straight line at idle under the stock battery manager app
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  9. unitypunk

    unitypunk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ugh, damn thing died with in the last half hour, i unplugged at 10am yesterday.


  10. piludo36

    piludo36 Member

    I found a few things that help. No I'm not an IT Geek (no offense, I wish I was).
    Before I share helpful things I did think I see here I agree with. The screen is a memory hog. I only use "auto" when outside. But it's lowest manual brightness setting is still pretty bright. If we could decrease brightness without an app I'm guessing battery life would be much better. App called Doze will decrease brightness further, but it's self defeating because your running another app.
    Catch 22
    I'm not rooted, and on Strait Talk, no I won't use their app.
    Here's what's helped, sure many of you have done a lot of this:
    *Disabled all bloat that the phone will allow
    *Green Power Battery Saver. Not a task killer, or invasive.
    Allows sync scheduling choices
    Manages Wi-fi when not using
    Manages Data
    I used Pro, but the free version is what lead me to buy this app.
    * Installed Battery Alert 40-80 lite. Prevents over charge and protects battery
    *Something New Installed app Doze.
    Works on non-root. Keeps selected apps from accessing data via it's own VPN (pretty smart) until you use them. You can select. Unfortunately all apps don't show up in the menu, but most do.
    In "aggressive mode" will keep down even some Google apps, like Playstore,Google app app,Hangouts (can manually shut them down and they stay down). Even Kik will stay off. But won't keep What'sapp down, so I uninstalled. (eats too much)
    With selected apps that stay up, knocking them down just uses up battery life leave em' alone, but at least they're not drawing data unless I use them. It's helped.
    Be careful to no disable stuff you need. You can experiment with this.
    *Use very basic free Bitdefender. Lite on resources. (I don't trust CM who has a lite AV as well)
    To compensate I run Malwarebytes 2-4 times a month, then manually stop it.
    (a resource beast, do it while charging)
    Doze will keep it down (free w/ no adds)
    -Avoid free/resource heavy apps. Adds suck for battery/privacy.
    -load solid black pic (not wallpaper app) off of Google Search
    -Killed almost all widgets.
    -Keep all "auto" apps, avoid using.
    -Occasionally run Wakelock app, see what's keeping it up. Disable if I don't need it.
    What didn't Work:
    *Tried Greenify twice last year.:( For this phone rooted, the phone functions poorly. After uninstall my phone was f-ed up. Had to do a system re-boot.
    *? Anyway to decrease screen brightness beyond stock settings, w/out another app?
    * As said here, wish Cynagen supported it.
    *? Would Nova Launcher, if set properly, decrease juice use
    * Afraid to root. Actually love the phone. Dropped multiple times. I can live with 4.1.2.
    Hope this helps and hope somebody has better solutions.
  11. piludo36

    piludo36 Member

    Non-Root Helpful Minimalist/Battery-Data Saving Apps for C881:

    Force Auto-Sync setting

    (you schedule syncs, no binary choice between push or nothing)
    NoRoot Firewall
    Darker (Screen Filter)
    Doze - For Better Battery Life
    Wakelock Detector [LITE]
    Battery Charge Notifier (helps w/the 40/80 rule)

    Signal Private Messenger
    Opera Mini
    Firefox Browser fast & private
    StartPage Private Search (screw/dump "Okay Google")
    Bitdefender Antivirus Free

    Solid Explorer File Manager

    My wish-list Item;

    aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks
    (say goodbye to Tasks and Google Calendar)

    Hope this helps somebody:)

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