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Battery not charging and SDcard problem ;-;

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by parbosz, Jan 1, 2014.

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    So i dropped my Android phone recently and stuff has changed. Now my battery won't charge, when i plug in my charger it makes a sound and battery doctor(app) says that my phone is charging, but when i look at my battery icon on top right it doesn't have a bolt icon that symbols charging. no matter how long i charge it it doesn't go up. when the charger is plugged in the battery percent rises and stays at the same number 47% for example and when i unplugged my charger the percent goes down to 30% and starts draining. also when i power off my phone and plug in the charger, it shows a picture that looks like as the phone is charging, but its not. Just before i dropped my phone the charger was fine and after i dropped it this happened. [ ps. i also had a hard shell case on my phone ]. also now my SD card slot wont work, the slot doesn't seem to be broken but it doesn't work. The Sd card doesn't seem to have any damage but idk what happen. So please help me fix this... Any suggestions/tips ? :'( [ everything was fine before i dropped my phone ]

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    There's two faults here apparently caused by the impact, even though it was in a case. Could be board got cracked. Probably nothing you can do about it yourself, except contact the original supplier or phone repairer and get an estimate.
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