Android Question

Dear sir
i have a smsung gti5800 phone..its not charging to 100%. i keep it for 10 hours but only 99%charging is there..it will not move to 100%. and drains quickly..wht will be the reason..waiting for ur valuable answer
Turn the phone off. Plug the charger in for 24 hours. See what the charge is. If it's not at 100% for at least a minute, you could have a bad battery, but what I suspect is happening is that you have a LOT of apps running in the background, you have ALL your radios (GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, data) enabled, and that's draining the battery fast. It's also not allowing the battery to reach full charge in 10 hours, because you're using almost as much power as the charger is supplying, so effectively there's hardly any charging going on.