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Battery overheating

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hoodtrix, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. hoodtrix

    hoodtrix Member
    Thread Starter

    Any one else have this issue? I noticed that when I play npr or am on the web for 20mins my phone really heats up almost to hot to touch, I any one else have that happen?

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  2. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Android Expert

    the battery gets warm when youre doing anything that relies on more cpu/gpu power. if you think its getting unusually hot then download the BatteryLife widget, there are probably others but anyways, you can turn on an option that reads the temperature of the phone. when mine is in standby for awhile it stays in mid 80s, if im playing a game it may go up to 105 or slightly higher. just using internet usually hangs around upper 90s
  3. The battery on my first Captivate was getting extremely hot after 10minutes while on a voice call (on my ear nonetheless)

    My current Captivate (#2 is what I call it) does not get nearly as hot.

    First cappy was bought on 7/23, #2 was purchased 7/31
  4. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    Mines gets warm yes, but never hot. Cools down very fast also for me though.
  5. hoodtrix

    hoodtrix Member
    Thread Starter

    @crimson; I guess i should have mentions this is not my first smart phone, im fully aware of why it gets warm but this isnts warm, this is HOT.
    @born fish; I got mine on 7/25 how ever my battery date is 7/5 mind telling me what your two dates are?
  6. First phone the battery date was 7/10 - 2nd phone is 7/12 - #2 phone gives me much better battery life as well. #1 phone wouldn't last more than 1 day.

    I get at least 2 days out of the #2 phone -

    I'd also like to note that my first phone never showed "phone idle" in the battery status - I believe the first phone never really went to sleep as the display (even if the phone was sleeping overnight) would still be #1 on the battery usage chart
  7. hoodtrix

    hoodtrix Member
    Thread Starter

    I never noticed phone idle before but its there and at 7% today although i have been using music (media server at 14%) but my display is always at 60%+ as far as use I alway hit the power button to turn off screen when listening to music or srteaming pandora and what not but my usage always shows "screen. Im good about wifi, i have it on when im at home but it shuts off when the phone does, when i leave i turn it off, should i leave it on even though phone is asleep.
  8. I have WiFi off when screen is off - takes about 10min after the screen is off to turn off the WiFi..
  9. stephlu2k

    stephlu2k Member

    mine is in the mid 80s when in standby, but can go up to 110 when charging. I notice that after using camcorder for a couple of minutes or youtube, it can shoot up to 120. it's very uncomfortable to talk with an extremely warm phone....all my other old smart phones used to get hot when in use for a while, but the part in contact with the ear is never hot.

    FYI, this is my 3rd one (already exchanged twice), and each time seems to get slightly better, but not perfect (FYI, my friends' tmobile vibrant doesn't even go above 100). i don't know if i can live with this "hot phone" for 2 years!
  10. hoodtrix

    hoodtrix Member
    Thread Starter

    Mine idles at mid 90's and when used jumps up to 110 or slightly below, I tweeted Samsung and they said it shouldn't do that, they also said they know and are working on the gps issue
  11. stephlu2k

    stephlu2k Member

    samsung told me the same thing...but this is already my 3rd one, do i keep exchanging until the temp stays below 100? BTW, when my kids play Robo defense, the phone temp shoots up to 120 or above
  12. hoodtrix

    hoodtrix Member
    Thread Starter

    ill try that game tonight tonight
  13. hoodtrix

    hoodtrix Member
    Thread Starter

    right now im into oregon trail
  14. Virin

    Virin Lurker

    So I take it if mine is sitting at 107 F while not doing anything I probably should have a talk with AT&T....

    for the record it isn't rooted I have added a few things but nothing huge at this point.
  15. The battery will get warm/hot - after extended use - If your phone is getting hot after a short amount of use (less than 30min) than you probably need to bring it in and have them either replace the battery or replace the phone.

    I am speaking with experience - my last phone (and current phone) were getting hot (especially on voice calls) The temp would reach upwards of 117 degrees after just 15min - OUCH!

    I confirmed with Samsung - and they too say the phone should not get hot after such a short amount of time.

    So my phones have been replaced in full, so I don't know if it is an issue with the battery or the phone itself - ATT does not have replacement batteries yet for the phone (confirmed this with the warranty department as my 30 days was up and am waiting anxiously for my replacement)
  16. When you first received the phone, was it getting warm then? I have not had any problems with an exchange at AT&T - the phone is brand new, and I assume they expect to have problems with "some."

    If you don't want to do a factory reset just to see if a third party app is causing the problem, then just exchange it and let them know the phone is overheating.
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I am considering taking mine back. The battery on mine with only Gps running hit 118.
  18. PhoenixRose

    PhoenixRose Newbie

    Mine gets pretty warm/hot when in use. I mean hot... Like it hurts my ear and cheek to put it next to it. Should I take it back?
  19. SuperAkuma

    SuperAkuma Member

    Where you charging it at the same time? I do a lot of long distance drive, mostly 1-2 hours non stop each way. I usually have something playing(NPR, PRI, Pandora or music player) on my phone connected to my radio via bluetooth and I never experience this problem UNLESS if I am charging it at the same time.
  20. Endoran

    Endoran Android Enthusiast

    I can't find this in the android market. Did you have to side load it?
  21. lillee

    lillee Lurker

    Third Cativate. Overheating. I can not find the battery life widget, can you tell how to get it? I typed battery life widget in android market but came up with nothing. Takes. hours to charge. After I start using it, the charge lasts around 2 hours/ When I get the message that that I need to plug in my charge, I do but it gets that little temp guage icon so I shut it dow.
    I do not thnk it is batteries. I ordered 2 extra batteries and a wall charger just so I can use my phone. The wall charger takes about 6 hours to charge but the battery is cold all the time. I have used the car charger for acouple of times. t the same the as original. Even when I keep it plugged using it, it can't keep up.
  22. stephlu2k

    stephlu2k Member

    ROBO defense FREE is in the market, I typed it in the search and it came right out......I'm not rooted, completely stock

    By the way, I had to exchange my phone 3 times (I'm on my fourth one, had it for 2 months) in order to have a phone that doesn't heat up too much. It still does get warm, but never hot like before. now it idles in the mid 80s and gets to be high 90s and low 100s when I play Angry Birds, but cools down relatively fast.
    So if you have a phone that gets HOT, EXCHANGE it!!!!
  23. kalimanp36

    kalimanp36 Lurker

    hey guys i just purchase my captivate and i love it, but last night i had it in my pocket and it got very hot!!!!!! i just finish charging it with a full battery and when it got to hot i check the phone out the battery was completely drain.
  24. jcollake

    jcollake Well-Known Member

    I encountered an error condition on my well-used and setup phone (not rooted and stock firmware). This error condition was apparently related to one or more of the applications I had installed, as clearing ALL user data in the recovery console did the trick (not just cache, sadly).

    Anyway, my POINT is that in an error condition where there is continual CPU consumption, the phone can become extremely hot and the battery can be drained, and sometimes permently damaged.

    So, handling of such application specific conditions as an 'out of control application' is not sufficient. That said, it is a hard one to tackle. I mean, the assumption must be made that applications know what they are doing, and if they are using 100% CPU then they must need it.

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