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Battery overheating

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AndYc1999, May 26, 2011.

  1. AndYc1999

    AndYc1999 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Anybody experiencing this, my battery suddenly starts getting really hot after using tge phone for about 5 minutes ot sure if its a fault or not.

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  2. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    Im 100%. i think its all phones to be honest. i have been seeing this A LOT in other forums and can confirm this myself. got mine yesterday, amazing phone btw :). but heat issue seems to be a hardware problem soooo....... sammy recall? lol
  3. chocky909

    chocky909 Lurker

    I was going to start a new thread as I too am oncerned about the heat coming out of this phone. I'm not so sure the battery is where the heat is coming from. I think rather it's the top half of the phone. With the back off, the SIM card holder is probably the hottest. Not quite enough to burn but unpleasant and likely to damage the phone's components over time.

    It's hard to compare temperatures without using thermometers but it's be good to get a fix on whether this is the same for everyone or perhaps a fault.
  4. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    the only fix i can think of is the new OS to 2.3.4 which is supposed to fix processor related issues in the dual core phones. but your right the heat does seem like it will damage the components over time :(. the screen getting hot aswell is a worry to me... i think it might start to damage it... not sure.
  5. chocky909

    chocky909 Lurker

    I was hoping more owners would let us know how hot their handsets are getting...

    EDIT I installed a battery level app which also shows the temperature (of the battery I assume) and when the phone is in use it's reading around 45c. Is that too warm?
  6. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    mine doesn't get hot. at all.
  7. Blue1k

    Blue1k Android Enthusiast

    Mine did. Then I upgraded to KE4. No more heating issues. None. Not even with gaming (the phone gets slightly warm now with gaming but hardly noticeable).
  8. chocky909

    chocky909 Lurker

    Interesting. Mine is a SIM free UK model - Baseband version:I9100XXKE4 - Build no: GINGERBREAD.XWKE7

    That's what was on the phone when I got it and Kies tells me that is the lastest firmware.

    Also, this morning, plugged into the charger all night, it feels relatively cool and my BatteryLife app tells me it is at 29c.
  9. jo157

    jo157 Newbie

    Hi I'm also having this problem. After a bit of surfing this a.m. i made a call and the top of the phone was hot against my ear. My worry is this seems really close to the camera. Wondering if in time it might affect it. All the updates have been installed but no difference.
  10. Nightsabre

    Nightsabre Newbie

    No idea what was going on with my phone today.
    It was in my shirt top-pocket as usual, and I was suddenly aware of my nipple getting very hot :rolleyes:.
    Checked the phone and it was really hot - like the kind of heat that playing games on it causes.
    It hadn't received any calls or anything - it was just idle.
    Checked battery usage and there was nothing unusual.
    No tasks running either.

    So no idea what triggered it to suddenly go into over-drive. :thinking:

    Rebooted it and its been fine since.
  11. retrorom

    retrorom Well-Known Member

    I've noticed the top of the back getting slightly warm when charging and using internet radio at the same time, but that is normal I guess. My HTC Hero that I used before got extremely hot when I did the same. So far nothing unusual.
  12. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    still no heating issues here mates and one day i played words with friends for a really long time (if you're familiar with this app then you know there's an issue with it very rapidly draining the battery).

    currently running a mix of KE4 firm with KF2 kernel :)
  13. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    yeah, im pretty sure its the CPU thats heating up.. the top part of the phone is wat gets hot, not the battery.. my phone randomly heats up when 3G is on, ive noticed.. i posted this elsewhere too.. i upgraded firmware to KF2. im hoping this will help. i'll let u guys know, today's my first day of use on new firmware :)

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