Help Battery problem after last 4.1.2 (DBT) update

Hi there,

I hope I am not spamming the forum by posting this. I searched but couldn't find the solution.

After I did an update 2 days ago to 4.1.2 see image ->

I cannot actually charge my phone. Normally even with the previous Jelly software it took about 2-3 hours to charge from 0-100%. The last 2 days not only I see an abnormal battery drain, but also last night my phone was on 20% and after 7.5 hours of charging was on 70% that is plain wrong. Also this happened during the night when my screen and everything was off, no background applications and software running (completely in idle mode).

I have:
1) stopped all stupid wireless and background applications
2) uninstalled all possible applications which came with the update
3) Re-checked the applications and settings of the phone 2-3 times to ensure that something is not draining my battery or slowing down the charging process.

Does anyone have an idea which does not involve reset and/or full wipe ?

Thank you in advance guys!


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Several thoughts come to mind.
Change out charger to see if it makes a difference.
Change out cord to see if it makes a difference.
Change out battery.
All of these can and do go bad.

Also get Gsam battery monitor and it should tell you what is using your battery.

If none of the above, I would take it to a repair center.
Good luck!