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Battery problem fixed (clue: Mail app)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sc23, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. sc23

    sc23 Lurker
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    I've been an sprint Hero owner for a few months now and frankly have been disappointed with the battery life, getting 18 hrs of standby or so at most on one charge, with minimal usage.

    Recently did the latest firmware update, and of course immediately ran a different messaging app than HTC provided to fix the constant awake problem, but still got those numbers as above ... very disappointing.

    Then I ran spare parts yesterday, and found the Mail app was doing all the damage to battery life. I had two mail accounts on this phone, checking once every 15 minutes (hotmail and gmail account). Changed the gmail to once an hour and hotmail to once every 4 hours (it isn't a primary account anyway).

    I am now 20 hrs on a single charge with 61 battery count (7/10 bars, almost 6/10) remaining. This phone has had moderate browsing/etc usage (half hour to 45 minutes). Awake time at 15%. BTW, it is the Mail app and not the gmail app I've been using.
    Would not be surprised to see a 2 day between charges work out.

    No task killers or anything goofy either. Thought I'd contribute this.

  2. mlblack16

    mlblack16 Well-Known Member

    Yep, although I like the interface of the htc email app, the stock Android gmail is a "push" email so it will not keep the phone awake by itself.

    Everyone forgets that the htc IMAP is not a push email client and therefore has to go online in the background and "Poll" for new emails. A bunch of email accounts set for every 5-10 minutes will keep your awake time near 100% as I'm sure even in between the polls, the phone needs a little time of being dormant before it goes into sleep mode so the short time frame between polls could be so short they will produce 100% awake times.

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