Feb 5, 2013
I keep having an issue where my phone gets really hot and drains all of its battery, even when I'm not using it. For example, I left my home this morning with a fully charged battery and haven't touched the phone for 5 hours. I just tried turning it on and found it was very hot and that the battery was fully drained.

When I turned my phone back on and checked the battery usage, I get this baffling graphic:


Anyone else experience this problem and know how to solve it?
Oh wow that's crazy

First couple things that come to mind

1) wake locks

But I don't see that being a possibility otherwise it would show in the graph of its decline

However it wouldn't hurt to grab better battery stats if your curious about it

2) battery going bad

This sounds more logical to me, have you thought to try out a different battery to see if it does the same thing?
nope, I haven't tried it out with another battery. unfortunately, I've noticed issues like this (but less severe) even just a month or so after I purchased the phone. now it's about two years old. perhaps I should just buy a battery replacement?[/IMG]

Anyone else experience this problem and know how to solve it?

I've seen this issue with beautiful widgets (some settings) and with Waze (some settings). Turn off all push notifications in every app and then turn off sync. Also, some apps have manual download of data. Turn that off too. The problem should not exist now. You can begin testing app per app... Let us know what you find.
That is a classic SOD (screen of death). Mine has done that a few times. If you don't catch it, it just drains the battery in no time. Not much to do about it..just have to live with it and hope you catch it in time before the battery is totally dead. Bad news if it happens overnight and you have an alarm set to wake up. Rare but it happens