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Hey guys I have a GNex running on AOKP build 32 with 3.0.28 imoseyon kernel and my battery is burning to 0% like a mofo....I had only 2 hours of screen time!I check the battery on settings and saw that android system is taking up the most percentage and that my phone is always awake even if its turned off...Any of you guys got a solution to this?


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Native Android battery stats report a lot of things under the heading of Android System, so odds are it's a rogue app.

You can use Better Battery Stats to find out what is keeping it awake, or you can delete all your apps and add them back one-a-day until the problem starts again, then you know what app it is.

But point being, I'm almost certain it's an app and not your phone, the ROM or the kernel.

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I've got simple directions for using bbs here

Droids 'n Things: BetterBatteryStats

If its android system its usually something hung up that won't stop running. It happened to me with google backup where it got stuck running for 13 hours. If it was android os I would suspect a sync was the cause.

Use bbs and post your top partial wake locks.


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yep I saw from bbs it was the torch light from the AOKP rom that kept it on I just rebooted the phone and problem solved....thanks guys!