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Battery Question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by coasterman927, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member
    Thread Starter

    So, I've been using my Cliq for two days now. I trashed all the motoblur widgets and now I just have a weather widget on my homescreen. Everything but standard networking (2G/3G, whatever it decides to use) is off. I find myself using taskiller often to lighten up the phone.

    And yet still, after about ten hours of removing it from an outlet and using it just to text and check on facebook, it's practically dead. Am I expecting too much? My old Nokia would last at least a full 24 hours before I would have to charge it, and I used it as my MP3 player (it was one of those XpressMusics). What's even more intriguing is that the Cliq and the Droid use the same battery apparently (BP6X), and the Droid gets supposedly amazing battery life.

    I'm still signed into my Facebook so my contacts are synced with profile pictures and I recieve notifications when I get a message on there, so maybe that's killing it? That's the only motoblur feature working to my knowledge.

    I'm gonna give it a few more full charge then discharge cycles before I reconsider keeping the phone, because I can't have my battery dying while barely being used halfway through the day.. =\

  2. Did you turn off the GPS on the phone? That helped mine last longer. Also I keep wi-fi and G3 off when I am not using it. I have to use app kill as well.. a lot of the apps do not shut them self off which I find extremely annoying.
  3. JoeCoolTM

    JoeCoolTM Newbie

    ehh maybe you are, i mean ive had 3g, 3gs, BB Bold, and Sidekicks past couple years and i would have to charge usually like around 10PM after starting the day 100 at like 8AM, and i would text all day, i average about 20000 a month, my cliq lasts the same as those did tho ^
    maybe you have a faulty device?
  4. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member
    Thread Starter

    everythings off but the normal 3g/2g network. and joe, I don't text that much at all lmao. I'm gonna try signing out of my facebook and if that doesn't give me adequate battery life then I'm calling tmo to change my battery.

    BORIStheBLADE Well-Known Member

    Ya having the GPS off helps. I also found this app called APNdroid which helps a bit too.
  6. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member
    Thread Starter

    Another day, another charge, and it seems today the little guy managed to survive the entire day with me!

    I think yesterday I had the GPS on for a while in the morning, which is probably what killed it so quickly. But today, everything was off except for 2G/3G, I still kept my Facebook signed in (no widgets, just for the contact sync and message notification) and listened to music for about an hour or so (streaming last.fm too!), texted throughout the day, and of course, showed off a bunch of apps and what not to my friends.

    While still not the battery life I was hoping for (the little guy lasted 8AM-11PM; about 15 hours), keeping everything off all the time did help. I wanna try un-syncing my Facebook and seeing if that makes any difference, but I don't wanna have to go through linking all my contacts again if it doesn't make a huge difference. I mean, I can always bring my charger along with me, and I have a car charger so it's not a huge deal. I guess I'm just not used to the whole smartphone thing. =P
  7. keebs29

    keebs29 Newbie

    Aren't we suppose to have the GPS on? When i'm in my house..my signal is low and when i turn on wi-fi, i cannot receive my e-mail right away. I agree with some, the battery DOES start draining after just a few hours. HELP!!!!

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