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Battery randomly dies overnight

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fordag, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. fordag

    fordag Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have a Samsung Rugby Pro, I've had the phone since 15 Nov 12.

    On a seemingly random basis my phone will lose all or most of it's charge overnight after I go to bed. This doesn't happen every night, maybe once or twice a week.

    For example, last night I went to bed about 1:10am, I had 80% showing on my battery indicator. I woke up about 9:45am and my phone was dead.

    I plugged it in to charge and as soon as I could I went to the Battery Summary screen, fortunately it hadn't reset yet. It showed the past 24 hours of battery usage, the first 16 were a undulating gentle downward slope from 100% to just under 80%. After that, about 40 minutes after I went to bed, it's a straight sharp downward slope from about 78% to 0%.

    I'd post the screenshot but I'm too new to the forum.

    WiFi, 4G Data, and GPS are all turned off before I go to bed. The only third party app that shows as running in the App Management screen is AccuWeather. However I've had this issue since owning the phone and only installed AccuWeather last week.

    Is anyone else having a similar issue?

    Other than this I'm very happy with my Android and don't miss my BlackBerry at all.


    Galaxy Rugby Pro (AT&T)


    Android v.

    Baseband v.

    Kernal v.



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  2. acoolphone

    acoolphone Newbie

    Sounds as though you have a bad battery, would stop by your provided and see if they can test it
  3. fordag

    fordag Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'll try that.

    Samsung tech support had me upgrade to 4.1.1 yesterday as well.
  4. acoolphone

    acoolphone Newbie

    Where are you located?
  5. kemonine96

    kemonine96 Member

    Likely USA. Kies has an upgrade to 4.1 available for the US/ATT variant of the Rugby Pro.

    There is a full ODIN image of the 4.1 update over on XDA. We are currently working on a 4.1 ODIN image for the Canadian devices but it is going to be a little bit before it is completed.
  6. acoolphone

    acoolphone Newbie

    Yup, available

  7. Wow, can't wait to get a JB to my phone (Telus Canada).

    does it reset everything on the phone when updating?

    for your battery, have you tried to keep wifi and 3G? with so weather was trying to sync, resync etc.. so kileld the battery?
  8. ericevanz

    ericevanz Lurker

    Mine was/is doing that too. But only when I leave it in a specific spot in my house, I think it keeps searching for the network and drains the battery because after I charge it and mindfully make sure I leave it where I know it can hit the network the battery lasts for 3 days.

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