Help Battery Setting and uses for the tablet TF101


I bought a TF101 mainly because I could. So when I was charging it I noticed the screen would constantly go dark, which is strange as my droid phone doesn't. I couldn't find a separate battery setting for when the tablet is charging. Is there a way to prevent the screen from turning off when charging?

Also as I said I have no particular reason I bought it, I mainly plan on using stumble upon, web browsing, and pdfs for D&D. What do ya'll use them for?

Thanks for any help. :D
What do ya'll use them for?

I use it for everything I can when I'm on the go, it's almost impossible to damage a tablet from heat (I can leave it in my car even in the summertime --- just gotta be careful of the AC vents) as opposed to a laptop.

So... Videos, some music (mainly use my phone or Touch for that, simply due to battery life) web browsing, email, occsionally typed up reports or stories on it (I have the dock) occasionally some gaming but not much (I think I have like 5 games installed, one being solitaire lol) a little IM at times, some Skype Video occasionally, and of course, when I was playing Pathfinder/SWRCD20 I stored my sourcebook PDFs on it too ;) (sadly RL got in the way of that)

Also do note that there are _2_ battery indicators if you have the dock connected. the TF will first drain the dock, then start on it's own internal battery (and if you use it without the dock, then attach it, it will drain the dock to recharge it's internal battery)


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(and if you use it without the dock, then attach it, it will drain the dock to recharge it's internal battery)

Huh, I knew it had two batteries and the dock extended the battery life by ~6 hours, but that is just cool that it will recharge from a dock. My dock is in the mail for arriving Tues or so, so that should be good.


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Get "Dual Battery Widget" from the PlayStore. It was written specifically for the TF101.

I use my transformer and dock as a complete laptop replacement. When needed, I even use it to remotely access and run my Windows7 office PC using PVN. For local office docs, I have all of the pro office suites (thanks to Amazon FAOTD). High-end games run great,too, so check out the IntegraZone. For web browsing, I recommend ICS Browser+.

Oh, when I am staying somewhere without affordable WiFi, such as the Fairmont Millenium Chicago charging $26/day, I just set up my Bionic as a free (FoxFi app) hotspot. At LTE speeds, it can support 8 laptops and tablets, all at 15+ mbps. Yes, at $20/mo., my data plan is unlimited.